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List of Top 10 Mountain Ranges in The Philippines


Local and foreign mountain climbers have at least 95 reasons to explore the mountain ranges in the Philippines. That’s the total count of mountains in the country, and more than 30 of these have summits that are prominently greater than 1,000 meters. There are beginner-friendly mountains and then there are mountains for hardcore mountaineers. Regardless of which category you fall ... Read More »

6 Game Of Thrones Filming Locations You Should Visit This Summer


Yet more of your favorite characters have probably been killed off in the latest Game of Thrones season finale. While you wait (or not) for season six next year, you’re probably wondering how to stay attached to a series where there are such few characters left you could actually root for! Read More »

Top Five European Destinations for Romantic Couples


Europe is a dream for couples wanting to spend a few exclusive days. And yet, there is so much to explore and enjoy, it can get a bit confusing. That is why, the list below gives a few destinations that are diverse and offers something different. Read More »

Best 6 Places to Visit in Sydney


If you get a postcard from Australia, odds are you will either see a picture of the Uluru, or Sydney Harbour. Though it is not the capital city, it is definitely an important part of the Australian way of life, and a symbol of the nation – something like New York is to the United States. Its integral role as ... Read More »

Best & Top 5 Places to Stay In Bahrain


Bahrain is renowned for its extensive experience in welcoming guests. Located in the Middle East, it has over the years being an influential transit point since time immemorial for tourists between East and West. There are over hundred hotels you can choose from that come in all sorts of style and budget. Read More »

Best and Top 10 Cruise Destinations in the World


Searching for the best cruise destinations in the world? If you are looking forward to an amazing getaway destination, planning should then start now in order to find some of the best deals. The world has had many great destinations from which one can enjoy a lovely vacation. From the Western Mediterranean to the Caribbean, we have compiled the top ... Read More »

6 Important Things We Can Learn on the Road


One of the most favorite activities of people is to travel. We are traveling to be happy when we are sad. We are traveling to pamper ourselves when there is too much stress in our lives. We love traveling to relax and enjoy. But aside from these, there are a lot more reasons why we should travel and wander the ... Read More »

Planning a Trip to Tahiti? Everything You Need to Know

tahiti trip

Tahiti is the biggest island of French Polynesia and it is located in the center of the South Pacific. If you are planning to fly from Los Angeles it is an eight hour trip and it is on half way between Fiji and Hawaii. It covers an area around 2 million square miles and it is separated into few groups. ... Read More »

Top 10 Summer Events in Istanbul

Summer events in istanbul

The city of Istanbul in turkey is at times likewise alluded to be as “Constantinople”. The city is the biggest city in Turkey both as per region and populace. Istanbul has roughly 12.6 million occupants in its limits. The city of Istanbul is considered to be as Turkey’s primary stage and center for society, and Istanbul completely incorporates 39 locales ... Read More »