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Capture Selfies via Hand Gestures Only!!


A Swedish company (startup) has just made millions of people’s life easier for selfie. This new app is made for selfie takers who just love to take selfie anytime and anywhere! This touchless technology will help you to take selfies without touching your phone for capturing the shot. You can take photos from upto 30 yards which we think are ... Read More »

Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 Updates & Announcements

mobile world congress 2014

Mobile World Congress A.K.A. MWC is about to go live in less than two hours! Do you feel excited? New devices, smartphones will be launching today and in next four days from world giants! Read More »

Mobile Phone Landscape – India 2013

phone as garbage

Did you know that there are 68 different brands in India currently selling mobile phones? Of those, nearly 48 are homegrown, and they account for 70 percent of all mobile phones launched in the country. How about the fact that there were a total of 957 mobile phone launches in India in the year 2013, and this number is up ... Read More »

What!! Nokia Lumia 929 Case Already on Sale!

Nokia Lumia 929 Armor Stand Case Black

Yes, Lumia 929 still not launched but the smartphone case makers are on their toes to sell smartphone case! GSMArena just convered this on their recent post regarding the same… Read More »

Best Tablet PC, Smartphone & Notebook with Longest Battery Life of 2013

Hardware standard of digital products continues to increase, your phone may have been equipped with quad-core processor and 1080P screen, and the laptop screen resolution has reached 2K, but the biggest question is that the improvement in battery technology is very limited, which results in many products with powerful configuration, but the life time is not satisfactory. So, when purchase ... Read More »

Temple Run 2 for Windows Phone Arrives!

temple run 2 gameplay screenshot 3

There was a long wait by temple run fans who are using windows phone such as Nokia’s Lumia series. The game which you were waiting from a long time, THE TEMPLE RUN 2!! Read More »

Karbonn A5 – Budget Dual-SIM Android Mobile

Karbonn A5

Karbonn A5 is a low budget Smartphone that works on Android Gingerbread version, 2.3.6. It is by far the most popular and the oldest version from Karbonn that has been embellished with ample smart yet convenient features. The mobile is featured with an 8.9 cm display on an extremely high quality and touch capacitive screen. The mobile is also featured ... Read More »

How Much Internet Do You Need? What Makes High Speed Internet worth It

Cutting back your Internet speed can be a great way to save money, but if you use the Internet heavily the savings may not be worth the frustration. High speed Internet is often necessary in today’s world, especially if you work from home or stream movies and television shows regularly. Think about how often you have to wait for your ... Read More »

Objectives of CRM consultants

CRM consultants

Are you an owner of any organization? Are you facing any trouble in deciding what to do for proper customer care system? Don’t worry it’s common and daunting for everyone like you and here comes the necessity of the CRM Read More »

In-charge of the Corporate Twitter Account? 9 Tips to Tailoring Traffic-Boosting Tweets

corporate tailoring twitter tips

You have your corporate Twitter account. But does it satisfy its purpose? Does it ring a bell to your customers? Does it contribute to achieving company goals? Or does it only stand there, lifeless? You can make consumers care. You can form powerful and beneficial tweets only if you will.. Read More »

Three Reasons You Should Maintain Your Septic System

Septic System

Home-ownership requires many maintenance tasks to ensure that houses stay safe and fully functional. Your home’s septic system is certainly no exception. It is likely that you know a few little tricks on how to keep your septic system healthy if you are the owner or resident to a property with one.  You have likely heard warnings to follow certain ... Read More »

Points To Consider For Making Your Website Fluid

User-friendliness is a factor that no professional website owner can afford to ignore. The website design themes and templates may be the smartest ever – but if your website is not properly viewable on different devices, it is never likely to become popular among your target customers. Read More »