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Top 6 Business & Productivity Apps for Easy Task & Business Management Procedures!

Girl using business productivity app

Do you often find yourself buried neck-deep on deadlines while work just keep on piling up without any signs of stopping? You are not alone. With the competition across different industries at present, companies have started to demand more output from their employees. Quantity has started to become the measure of productivity to many institutions and at some point, has ... Read More »

World’s Most Expensive Phone Brand? Solarin!


Yes, Solarin have been trying to make a Rolls-Royce of Smartphone and they have finally done it! Sirin Labs caught $72M to make the rolls-royce of smartphone. The phone has a name too! It’s SOLARIN and it’s going to be sold from May month. Do let us know your view on this exclusive news on the world’s top but expensive/costly ... Read More »

Xiaomi Mi5 Specification, Features, Price in India

Xiaomi Mi5 Specification, Features, Price in India

We have already announced the happenings of MWC in our posts of 21st & 23rd February. Today, It was a amazing to see Xiaomi taking the top contenders of MWC by storm with their incredible specifications and features of Mi5! Yes, Long awaited Xiaomi Mi5 has been launched. Hence, without making you wait, let’s go directly to the specifications of ... Read More »

7 Free Movie Apps for Android to Overcome Boredom – Latest


  Boredom can be extremely terrible. Movies are the best answer to get rid of boredom. If you are struggling to have entertainment on the go or after a tedious and hectic day, movies can be a way to help break the boredom continuity flow. So here is a list of free movies app for Android that will help you ... Read More »

Get Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G Without Registration!!


Yes, Xiaomi just announced that the redmi note 4G phone will be available for sale from Thursday! Xiaomi twitted on their official twitter handler, “From Feb 12th, you can purchase your #RedmiNote4G any time you want with @Flipkart, just in time to catch #CWC15.” And on Facebook “Good news! We now have sufficient stock of Redmi Note 4G for all ... Read More »

Xiaomi was Banned in India & Now Stopped Selling Phones in India!!


One of the top smartphone seller company, xiaomi just announced that they wont be selling the phones for now due to patent issues with Ericsson. Xiaomi’s vice president, Hugo Barra announced on xiaomi’s India facebook page that due to order passed by delhi court they have to suspend xiaomi’s current sales which happens weekly on flipkart. Dear Mi fans, We ... Read More »

What is Blue Ticks in WhatsApp?

blue ticks in whatsapp

Whatsapp just got update and the new feature have been added. People all over the world started calling this new feature as blue tick! Read More »

Capture Selfies via Hand Gestures Only!!


A Swedish company (startup) has just made millions of people’s life easier for selfie. This new app is made for selfie takers who just love to take selfie anytime and anywhere! This touchless technology will help you to take selfies without touching your phone for capturing the shot. You can take photos from upto 30 yards which we think are ... Read More »