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Top Concerns of Home Buyers – Answered!


The thought of buying a home can run chill up your spine! Yet, to own a home, nothing can feel more comforting. Of course it’s not the house you fear, it’s the real estate listing that paralyzes you from taking a step beyond idle window shopping. We understand what’s haunting you! Read More »

4 Essential Steps on How to Handle Real Estate Disputes


“Real estate is the best investment on earth, however, when the music stops playing, which happens occasionally, don’t be the one left without a chair.” –Steven Ivy – Attorney Entrepreneur The moment you decide to invest in a property, know that risks are inevitable.  A real estate dispute is no exemption, which usually involves a clash between two property owners. ... Read More »

A KISS is all it takes to sell your house

Psst. Want to know the ado. Keep it Simple Silly Everyone in the world who owns a real estate knows how difficult it can get to sell the property and move on. When you are ready, buyers are not, when buyers are standing at your door, you have another reason to stay there for a while. And finally when everything ... Read More »

Tips on Designing Creative Office Space at Low Cost

creative office 1

Nowadays, it often happens that people get linked to their work place and spend most of the day inside of an office. A faster life tempo and a constant need for work and progress, has led us to get bounded with various obligations. Spending a lot of time in your office can sometimes be frustrating and can affect our private ... Read More »

Buy and Sell Properties in Halifax with the Most Experienced Real Estate Agents


Property ownership is the biggest life saver in the life of a human being. The moment when you spend a certain amount of your savings in buying a property, you expect high returns in the future. The business of real estate usually includes buildings, or land pieces. When a deal is made between the two parties, i.e. the buyer and ... Read More »

3 Websites to Get Home Interior Design Ideas

interior design ideas

Home staging can either be easy or difficult. For a home owner who enjoys interior design, staging their house to look sellable is a piece of cake. But for someone who’s too busy to choose an appropriate curtain for the living room, it will take time before they get it right. It’s important that you know at least a thing ... Read More »

Cheap Ways to Increase Home Value


People say that the location and the quality of the house are the two most important things to look at when you are buying the home. Since the location is not something you can change, all that you have left is the house quality. You need to do all there is to be done in order to increase it so ... Read More »

Tips for NRI investing in Indian Realty Market

NRI Investing

India is the most sought after destination for the Non-Resident Indians. The developing economy is steadily treading the path of development. Various sectors like automobile, education, agriculture, IT and real estate are massively contributing to the growth and expansion of the nation, directly aiding the economy to compete globally. Read More »

Living Solo? 5 Apartment-Hunting Tips

apartment hunting

You arrive home dead exhausted from work. You’ve been meaning to sleep but your next-door neighbor wouldn’t let you. The couple is again arguing and you know you can do nothing but endure the noise. Then you hear someone dragging their feet up the stairs. You know earplugs can only do as much for you. Read More »

The World’s Most Teched Out Homes

the gates home

The world’s most teched-out homes have luxuries that most people can only dream about affording. These comforts make it easier to manage their homes on a daily basis. You would be surprised how the world’s rich and famous incorporate technology into their lives. Here are a few rich people who know how to use technology to its full potential.  Read More »

Hire the Right Agency to Get Quality Real Estate Calendars

real estate calendars

Real estate sector can be quite profitable and this is why the number of entrepreneurs is going up here. If you have a real estate company, it is essential that you know how to promote your business and reach out to target customers. Like every segment, competition in this segment is also on rise and without effective promotion and marketing, ... Read More »

The Basics of Liquid Penetrant Inspection

Liquid penetrant inspection (LPI), also known as dye penetrant inspection (DPI) or simply penetrant inspection (PI), is an inspection method for locating surface breaking defects in non- porous materials (like metals, ceramics, plastics, etc). It is an inexpensive and widely applied inspection method. Read More »

Home Selling: Sell Your Home Yourself or Hire a Realtor?

The idea that you are going to earn fully from selling your house without the help of anyone can be attractive. The reason for this is that you would not have to get a substantial amount from the proceeds of the sale and give it to that someone who has facilitated it, a real estate agent in particular. Read More »