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Mobile App or Mobile Website, Which One will Suit Your Business?

Mobile Web or Mobile App

In the world of Internet technology and smart mobile devices, going digital is absolutely inevitable for a business. It doesn’t matter which field of product manufacturing or service industry your business belongs to, having a digital presence is as important as the business itself. Read More »

MWC 2016 Announcements Till 23rd February 2016


Hope you loved our 21st February’s MWC (Mobile World Congress) updates! Today we are showcasing the launches & announcements happened on till 23rd February in MWC 2016. Let’s see what has been launched till 23st February 2016 in Mobile World Congress 2016. Alcatel: Alcatel Idol 4S Alcatel Idol 4 Alcatel Pop 4 Alcatel Pop 4 Plus Alcatel Pop 4S Alcatel ... Read More »

Why Google is Buying a Wide Selection of Companies

google buying companies

Google in recent months has continued to make news regarding the purchase of other companies. The purchasing of these smaller companies seem to come from all over the place, ranging from application designers to software manufacturers and hardware production specialists. Read More »

Eight Companies with a Reputation for Stellar Customer Service

companies reputation

Customer service is one of the most important and memorable reasons to either revisit or never return to a company. According to mindshare enterprise feedback management system, when we feel like we are cared for and taken care of, that makes a great impression. Here are 5 companies with some of the best reputations for great customer service: Read More »

Tips & Tricks to Manage the Content That Comes Through Our Home

manage the content

When children are in the house, it is not complete without desktops, laptops, tablets and video game consoles. I have a seven-year-old daughter who received an email address from her school. She is thrilled to know that she can send an email to her mom, dad, grandparents and friends in school. Read More »

5 Tips to Saving Money on Technology

saving money for technology

Keeping up with the latest technology can burn holes in your pocket. For one, gadgets are released one after the other. Within a few months for instance, another smartphone model is released, superseding the previously hot one just that easy. Read More »