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7 Things Unemployment Can Teach You


With jobs being scarcer, unemployment is a common dilemma in today’s time. While there are thousands of new graduates every year, the number of available jobs isn’t exactly growing. Read More »

How to Impress the Robot Recruiter and Land for an Interview

robot recruiter 2

Many companies now a days are using machines or screening process to determine whether a candidate is fit to work in the specific organization or not . The process is largely adopted by big conglomerates where the number of applications received by the recruitment department is huge and going through each and every application becomes a mind-numbing task. Read More »

They Want You: Eight Ways Companies are Attracting Employees

companies attracting employees

Just as employees are looking for decent companies to work for, decent companies are looking for good employees, and many companies are pulling out all of the stops when it comes to attracting and keeping top talent. Here are six ways companies are attracting employees: Read More »

Do You Like Money? 5 Big-Time Law Careers

Law Careers

If you’re looking for a career that is self-fulfilling and, at the same time brings in a generous paycheck, a career in the Law field may be what you’re looking for. Not only is the law field a great choice for self-fulfillment and real money-making potential, but the career options in this world are extensive. Read More »

Aiming for Raise? 5 Basic Rules When Negotiating Salary


You were invited for a final interview. Guess what? They like you. And they want you in. But while waiting for their call, you too have showed up for interviews in other companies. And the offers are as well tempting. Now, as you return to this company, you feel the urge to ask for more money, for a higher salary. Read More »

4 Tips to Surviving Unpaid Internships

unpaid internships

Sure, you are currently working for your dream company. You are assigned to do what you loved doing. You cannot ask for more from your supportive teammates, only that you are struggling with your finances. Read More »

5 Excessive Clutter to Remove on Your Resume

Clutter to Remove on Your Resume

So you have gathered few sample resumes online. Now you are down to deciding which to pattern yours from. In that case, beware of these blunders. You might have seen them on CVs you are looking into right now, and it is best that you avoid them if you’re serious about landing that job. Read More »