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5 Volunteering Reminders for Keeps


You volunteer because you want to help. You don’t expect anything in return. Not even the full guarantee that organizers shall look after your safety. You will not be left alone on an assignment though. You too will be provided safety tips although much of the responsibility caring for yourself lies in your hands still. Read More »

Guidelines to Become A Commercial Pilot

become Commercial Pilot

Commercial pilot license is the degree that authorizes a person to work as a commercial pilot. On the obtainment of this license, the learner becomes eligible to work as the commanding pilot of an aircraft. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is the body that determines the criteria to obtain commercial pilot license (CPL). Read More »

Floatplane: An Overview of Its Related Aspects


Floatplanes have become highly popular in the recent times. This is probably due to the growing tourist industry. Presently many tourist companies offer floatplane sightseeing tours.  In addition to this, floatplanes have become more of a personal possession too. Travel enthusiasts who like to fly planes and drive boats have shown a huge preference for this seaplane. Read More »