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Understanding Light Spectrum of LEDs – Cannabis Growing Tip

cannabis growing using led

If you are setting up an indoor LED lighting system for growing cannabis, it is important to understand the light spectrum. When you move your plants to grow inside and switch from natural sunlight to grow lights, it becomes essential to know that all lights are not equal. Lighting science is a statistical and mind blogging science Many factors influence ... Read More »

Futon – A Mini Solution to a Major Problem

japanese futon

The rise in energy cost and fast paced routine is leading people towards down-scaling their lifestyle. Smaller spaces are being chosen over villa like accommodations. The minimalist act is fueled by the same energy of pairing down the belongings to bare-minimal. Japanese Futon (also known as “mini futon”) with its versatility and compactness provides some of the best solutions for ... Read More »

Best Mobile App Development Companies in United States

Top Mobile App Developers in United States

Mobile apps today are really popular. According to the newest data from “We are social”; in Jan 2016, there are 3.790 billion unique mobile users. That means almost half of world population use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Read More »

How to Unlock Your Android Phone

unlock android phone

The smartphone is a highly important belonging to each person, as they might contain personal data that should not fall into the hand of another person. In order to secure those data, most smartphones such as android will provide a lock system. Read More »

Best & Free Movies Apps For Android


When it comes to watching free movies, everyone loves doing it. However, everyone enjoys different genres; one might enjoy watching horror movies, while others may like to watch romantic or comedy movies. Read More »

Best Ways to Organise Your Backyard


Having a back yard garden is a privilege not many people today have. If you recently bought a house with a back yard, or are just thinking about reorganising your existing garden, here are the best tips that can help you arrange it. Read More »

Top 5 Fall Makeup Looks 2015

Fall makeup looks 2015 - Image 5

To all my lovelies, it’s that time of the year when summer says good bye and winter is on the verge to say hello. As the pessimists say that fall is so beautiful yet everything is dying. No, everything isn’t dying and shouldn’t be dying as well. Moreover, what should definitely not be dying is your need for a makeover ... Read More »

The Top 15 Most Common Mistakes Done By Nannies

mistakes by nannies

Being a nanny is no easy job. It demands a lot of effort and attention, along with a huge degree of emotional investment. Not to mention, the skills and knowledge that the job demands. Yet, experienced and newbie nannies inadvertently make some common mistakes either due to complacency that comes with time or inexperience. Here, we point out a few ... Read More »

4 Ways to make Your Job-search Speedy Enough


With time passing by, you’ve been giving every modicum of effort to make your job search efficacious in each aspect. Right from sourcing and spotting all potential recruiters, to applying incessantly and running distances for a follow-up, the process has been quite rigorous at your end. However, there are plenty of other things you need to ensure to make your ... Read More »

9 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Career Prospects as an Intern


While getting an appointment letter for internship is the ultimate news for many, utilizing this opportunity for their own best is what most of them fail at. Internships are incredible learning experiences and vary from individual to individual. But, being new to the job, you are bound to make certain mistakes. Read More »

Marketing 101: How to Boost up Your Small Business


Promoting your business requires a multifaceted approach. Just as a business plan outlines what your business does and how it will operate, a marketing plan outlines how you will promote your business. A marketing mix consists of several tactics used to promote your brand. Not only do you have to market your business to consumers, but you must also network ... Read More »

Children and Home Security – Top Tips

Children and Home Security – Top Tips

We all care about how secure our homes are. No one wants to have the experience of someone breaking into their home and stealing our things. It is not just a matter of losing stuff and money. It is about being violated, it is about our homes becoming less than fortresses. Our home needs to be the place where we ... Read More »

Give the World a Twirl with an Impeccable Resume


Whether you’re applying for a job abroad just after your masters or switching to a multinational on foreign soil, there’s a basic difference underlying the whole situation that is quite imperative to understand. Read More »

Tips for Keeping the Home Office Organized


You were excited that you could turn that extra bedroom into a home office and finally start your own business. You promised yourself that you were going to keep it nice and tidy, and that everything you did in the office would be work-related only. However, the kids soon started coming in and making messes, which simply compounded with your ... Read More »

Top 12 Helpful Tips to Handle New-Mum Stress

mom in stress

Becoming a new mother is an exciting time full off laughs and tears of joy. On the other hand, it is also a scary time full of stress and many new worries. No one ever tells you what daily life will be like with a newborn. If they did, they would not be able to look you in the eye ... Read More »