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How To Choose Used Cars To Buy In 2017?

choose-used-carThe car has long gone from the category of luxury to the category of vehicle. It is also the one of the primary means of earning for many people. However, new cars remain to be so expensive, and therefore 90 percent of motorists, at least once, bought used car. The price for 3-year-old car falls twice, sometimes even more. The more expensive the car is, the more and faster price falls with the age of car.

Purchase of used car can be very profitable. However, situation can be even vice versa. That is how market functions: the winner is the one, who is more knowledgeable and knows all nuances of purchase and sale. All this applies not only cars. Therefore, you need to prepare, learn basic advices, and weigh all pros and cons.

After deciding to buy a used car, you need to pick up some of the most suitable options, which will be reduced to the best one through natural selection. This article will tell you about consistent steps relatively selection of used car for purchase in 2017.

Step 1. Choose the way of car’s search.

The ways of searching for cars are:

  • To buy a car from friends;
  • Selection on the car market;
  • In the commission shop;
  • Among the wide range of private ads.

The first variant is the most appropriate and least promising at the same time during the purchase of used car. On the one hand, the chances are minimized that friend will go to fraud. Moreover, the car is often more than once examined and is known in exploitation.

However, you do not have “rich” choice. It is unlikely that you have a dozen of friends, which sell cars of different brands. Besides, family policy comes into force here. You does not want to offend one friend, while it is not profitable relatively the other friend.

The car market is more preferable. You cannot meet any friends or acquaintances here and meet only people, with whom you can bargain honestly. However, these people can easily cheat you, so a certain amount of skepticism distrust will be useful for you. It is hard to find non-professional in the sphere of sales on the car market.

Every buyer should be careful in the commission shop. Here work the professionals, as a rule, and a shop itself is associated with car-service station. Therefore, these specialists can give excellent pre-sale condition to any automobile. They do not suffer from a lack of experience in sales.

That is why, you should not attend the commission shop without your specialist. Sellers will not necessarily try to cheat, but dealing with master, they will be more careful and will not offer indeterminate technique.

The largest selection of used cars is in the private ads. Payment for publication in newspapers and Internet is often not required or it is symbolic. Accordingly, almost all people place proposals on the sale of cars here.

In any case, it will be nice, if your reliable companion goes with you, which is familiar with advantages and disadvantages of used car in practice. The best option is the employee of auto service or similar enterprise.

Step 2. Make a qualitative selection

If you have decided with the way of car’s searching, begin the selection. Seller can often provide you with colorful information. Nevertheless, you need to highlight a few moments from beautiful description:

  • Was the car in any car accident? ;
  • Presence of dents, scratches and rust;
  • Number of owners;
  • Original country of production and acquisition, place of last registration;
  • Year of release and mileage;
  • Place settings;
  • Technical condition.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the seller will respond honestly. Therefore, if the vehicle is not in line of sight (communication on the phone while searching through personal ads), each question should be repeated several times paraphrasing it and adding probing questions.

This psychological move exposes even fairly well trained person. If the car matches the requirements after such questioning, it is likely that your seller is honest person.

Step 3. Inspect your future car.

This is the most important step for every motorist. After the talk, you need to agree about the inspection of your car. It is important that the seller agreed to show it in the daytime, when there is no play of shadows and flaws will not be hidden. If the seller says that he cannot show the car on a specific day in the afternoon, it will be better to move the inspection on the other day. You can warn the seller that procedure will be carried out either during the day or never.

Before beginning the detailed inspection of used car, every buyer should get around the car in a circle. This turns the owner of confidence if he hides something. It also allows noticing the smooth irregularities on a flat surface, which are well identified on the light. Do not only trust your eyes in order to reveal a layer of paint on the top of factory paint and putty.

An experienced driver can carry out qualitative work or entrust it to the employees of car service station. That is why, you need to determine the thickness of paint with the help of thickness gauge. Device determines the thickness in microns. It will reveal thickenings, which are not available to the human eye. Particular attention should be paid to the hood, the trunk, the joints, for example, the rear uprights. You will see putty, if mechanical injuries or replacement of body’s parts are present in car.

Every customer should pay attention also to the gaps between the front fender, the frame of the windshield, hood, front fenders and bumper, fender and doors with side panels and trunk lid. Identify corrosion is easy. It occurs more often on the junction of the roof with front and rear body struts, on the frame of windshield, on the bottom side of trunk lid and on the front edge of hood.

After inspecting the car from above, it is useful to inspect car beneath. You will need to determine the state of floor. It is good if the car owner has repair pit. If such conveniences are not expected, you will have to lay something on the floor. Yes, it is uncomfortable, but it is necessary. It is important to check all joints, force elements, traces of anti-corrosion treatment, welding and other repair and construction works.

Another important work is inspection of undercowl. You can easily identify the effects of body reparation thanks to absence of support-bracket’s holder of wiring’s front bundle. Detail is insignificant. That is why, workers often forgot to install it after the end of body works.

You should examine the trunk carefully. Many people know its high susceptibility to corrosion. The trunk is checked on the perimeter. Attention is paid to flanging, all corners and floor. Salon of car also should not be deprived of attention. You should make sure that the doors do not have a backlash. Pull up them and check the ease of doors’ closing. Next, check efficiency of pedals, handbrake and absence of welding.

Step 4. Drive on the car and check its work of engine.

If your inspection has not found anything serious, your future car is in excellent condition. Now you can check its driving performance. Never agree on purchase of car if you do not ride at least once on it. Inspection of the engine and the definition of its working qualities is a rather complicated question. Not every motorist can do professional reparation. That is why, you should leave this job to the professional masters.

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