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Understanding Light Spectrum of LEDs – Cannabis Growing Tip

cannabis growing using led

If you are setting up an indoor LED lighting system for growing cannabis, it is important to understand the light spectrum. When you move your plants to grow inside and switch from natural sunlight to grow lights, it becomes essential to know that all lights are not equal.

Lighting science is a statistical and mind blogging science Many factors influence cannabis growth, lighting being one of the most critical.  Unless you master the understanding of light, you cannot improve your harvest- watering and nutrition are secondary to lighting.

In this article we will explain The Light Spectrum of LED Grow lights and how it can affect you indoor plant growth:

Light Spectrum-Description

Light spectrum in simple language is the visible portion of electromagnetic radiation and is known as light. The light divides up into different bands of wavelengths; the bands are the different colors you see in light along with wavelengths that are beyond the visible spectrum such as ultraviolet and infrared.

Indoor plants, including the cannabis plant, have the ability to turn radiation from the light into energy. Plants use some bands of light more efficiently than other bands of light. Nevertheless they try mimicking the output of sunlight. For indoor grow applications it becomes even more essential to ensure that the light is outputting the right band of light spectrum in the correct ratios to each other.

The Affect of Light Spectrum on Cannabis

Cannabis has evolved into a capable plant and can control the full spectrum. It has the ability to turn certain bands of light into energy, as per requirement of different stages of growth during the complete life cycle.

The Vegetative Stage- Cannabis uses predominantly the blue and violet bands of LED grow light during the vegetative growth along with some orange, red and infrared. Blue light of LEDs has been tested by various scientific researches and has been found to enhance the growth of plants. Blue light encourages cannabis to grow big and health leaves which is a mimic of sunlight during the spring season.  Ultraviolet light added to the blue wavelengths not only keeps bugs such as spider mites away, but causes a reaction in the cannabis plant to which it responds by increased trichome production resulting in more sticky resin.

The Flowering Stage- During the flowering stage cannabis relies heavily on the red light of LEDs. The red light encourages cannabis to yield healthy buds. This mimics the sun of winter and autumn when the red light of the spectrum is stronger as it reaches the earth.  In addition to red, the ultraviolet, orange and a blended output of blues is necessary to best mimic the sun’s growing power.

Cannabis has adapted to the available resource of light and changes, developing two types of Chlorophyll. The two types are sensitive to blue or red light and this is why cannabis responds better to these two lights better than the other.

What Does This Indicate For Indoor Growers?

For indoor growers, it means that it is best to use a grow light that has strong blue and red output for growing cannabis. However, it does not mean that cannabis needs only the two light bands. Cannabis plant has the capability of using various types of light bands and should be exposed to a full spectrum of light encompassing orange, violets, white, far red and ultraviolet.

Dual spectrum bulbs are not the best choice. As mentioned earlier, the right light is the key to success in indoor harvesting. The right light as studied and tested by various research centers, scientists, horticulture experts, and indoor growers is LED Grow Light with a well balanced output that touches on all the peaks mentioned necessary for photosynthesis.

LEDs are tiny light emitting diodes but provide full spectrum of light, are energy efficient, yield more per watt, save electricity, and produce natural and healthy plants. LEDs eliminate the need of extra equipments such as ballasts, hoods, and excess cooling systems as they produce little heat and can be positioned at various angles without the risk of burning plants.

G8LED grow light is an innovation in grow light technology that enables you to grow potent buds and push the envelope of yields possible from an indoor grow.

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