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Futon – A Mini Solution to a Major Problem

japanese futon

The rise in energy cost and fast paced routine is leading people towards down-scaling their lifestyle. Smaller spaces are being chosen over villa like accommodations. The minimalist act is fueled by the same energy of pairing down the belongings to bare-minimal. Japanese Futon (also known as “mini futon”) with its versatility and compactness provides some of the best solutions for living in a smaller space.

The tradition Japanese rooms are small in size but they seem bigger. The reason is spaciousness and lack of furniture. The uncluttered space with no bed, couch, table, or even chair has several purposes. Japanese lifestyle makes their life easier and keeping it simple is even body friendly. The Japanese bedroom (specifically) consists of futon, tatami mat, quilt, sheets, pillows, and closet.

Arranging the room requires more thought and planning. The design process involves architecture and furniture as well and when you step out on buying furniture: you will find comfort in the most luxurious crafted pieces, which is not affordable for all. You have to pay a huge amount to buy the right comfort and when you relocate-your mobility is not possible without renting a huge truck.

Generally sleeping on a futon is one of the major health secrets of Japanese. A futon has many health benefits including reduced back pain. A spacious room is also effective for breathing which for most people becomes an issue due to suffocation and allergy. High ceilings give an illusion of large area. When you sit or sleep on a futon, the ceiling will feel higher.

Here we will study and discuss the reasons that are hindering the desire of people from adopting to this lifestyle, and we will even provide the solutions to these reasons. They are as follows:

#1- The Difficulty of Getting Up from the Ground

Solution- Futon might not be perfect for everyone, but the truth is that it can be made perfectly comfortable to meet everyone’s standards. For the people whose health and inclination does not allow them to sit or stand up from the floor-the futon can be placed on a platform couch or platform bed. The futon surface will still be available.

#2- Hassle of Extra Work

Solution- Movement of the body parts can be quite a help, especially in this work struck lifestyle. The truth of making a futon is that it’s the same amount of work as that of an American bed. Bending, squatting, crawling, stretching, and rolling etc. are all parts of the rejuvenating exercises that help making our bodies flexible.

#3- The Hardness of Futon is bad for the Back

Solution- Generally resistance is good and important for health. If you consider these facts: toning of muscle because of exercise, alignment and strengthening of feet because of walking barefoot-similarly understand this that a hard surface will cause more circulation in the back and will create more length. Hard surface can heal many conditions and all it requires is time for getting use to it.

#4- The Gap in the Middle of Two Futons

Solution- The Japanese way of sleeping is simple and therefore the traditional and authentic futon was always to fit a single person. Although the fusion of east and west has lead to custom made futons but the dimensions have still not exceeded a single mattress’s length and width. So in case of a situation when a couple has to sleep on a futon, you can put two futon side by side and cover the gap with a simple mattress pad or a blanket.  The cushioning of a blanket will be there and the gap will be covered as well.

Most of the American mattresses are even made this way as well, so the two people customize their side of the mattress. The importance of organic sleeping has been realized throughout the world; just the way organic food and indoor growing has taken a toll. Sleeping on an organic mattress is worth the cost of a luxurious mattress-health and better sleep is what matters.

Your energy is all that keeps you going, and if you desire on keeping the energy revived than simply your life. Remove the clutter in your rooms and enjoy the futon in many ways because a futon is a mini solution to some major problems.

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