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How to Get Reliance Jio’s 4G Sim for Free!

Reliance JIO 4G Sim Free

Below steps will help you to get your Free Reliance Jio’s 3G SIM!

Steps to follow:

1. Download & install MyJio app from Playstore

2. Then, Download & install all the MyJio related apps listed below:

– JioPlay
– JioXpressNews
– JioXpressNews
– JioMoney
– JioOnDemand
– JioBeats
– JioDrive
– JioMags
– JioChat
– JioJoin
– JioSecurity

3. Now, disconnect from Internet by tapping on Wi-fi/Data connection.

4. Also exit from the MyJio app.

5. Now, connect to the Internet (Wifi or Data connection)

6. Open MyJio App

7. You’ll see Get Jio Sim option there, tap on it and follow the instructions carefully.

8. If you don’t see your location there then choose any nearby location.

9. Then, Generate QR code.

10. Now, visit any nearest Reliance store and provide them the QR code and Identification documents.

11. They will provide the Reliance JIO’s 4G SIM for free!

What’s special about this SIM? It’s working on all the 4G-enabled smartphones!

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