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Top 6 Business & Productivity Apps for Easy Task & Business Management Procedures!

Girl using business productivity appDo you often find yourself buried neck-deep on deadlines while work just keep on piling up without any signs of stopping?

You are not alone.

With the competition across different industries at present, companies have started to demand more output from their employees. Quantity has started to become the measure of productivity to many institutions and at some point, has hampered the creativity of workers.

Regardless of the industry you work for, whether on the creative or technical arena, offering quality output at all times is a must.  This is impossible if you can’t even get to organize your daily tasks and routines.  Below are 6 highly useful and efficient productivity & business mobile apps that will take off some unnecessary time wastage and help you finish tasks faster.

Have a quick look.



When it comes to getting all sort of files organized and synced across different devices, this app has proven itself to be an efficient choice. Its mobile version helps you take down notes, capture photos, upload bills or receipts and so much more while on the go.

It’s an efficient all-in-one app with a user-friendly and clean interface for easier note-taking and collation of various data. With Evernote, you can get all your tasks written and uploaded for easier tracking.



While primarily recommended for writers, Jotterpad remains a top recommended tool for anyone who wants a distraction-free mobile tool for taking down notes. Here, you get to make your personal to-do list and have them displayed on cards. Customizing font to fit your preference is also possible.

Its minimalistic interface helps users do away with the clutter and focus mainly on the details he or she wants to note down.  Other special features include Dropbox integration, typewriter scrolling and phrase finding.



If it’s about collaborating and managing tasks for different employees who are telecommuting, Trello might as well be part of your collection. It’s an ideal management tool when working with a team. Users can create boards for each task, assign specific responsibilities to members and provide feedback for each task completed straight from the app.

By keeping tabs of your team’s progress, there is no way you could miss out deadlines from any projects. Freelancers and full-time, home-based employees will benefit much from this handy project-management tool. Give it a try!

Expense Manager


Any project or business requires money. The bigger the venture, the larger is the required budget. Expense Manager helps users crunch number faster with full accuracy. Whether it’s about tracking the current expense or creating a week-long budget for a project, this tool allows you to keep a detailed record of them all and uses advanced finance analysis function to provide a summary of every expense.

Customize payment alert to avoid missing any important money transfer or create categories to easily locate data as you need them.

Special complementary features include its built-in currency converter, loan calculator, receipt photo capture and more. With this tool on board, you get to track all the money that comes in and out of your project with maximum efficiency.


skypeNeed to stay constantly connected with your team or business partners? Skype’s mobile version has remained on top of its league when it comes to communication. From messages to calls to group calls or conference, this tool offers an efficient avenue to enjoy seamless communication with as many as 25 people at once.

Sending of photos and video files is also possible on this app. Stay connected round-the-clock while on the go!



Launched just January of this year, Vender is one of those few new faces in the sales arena that are proving to be highly efficient for users directly involved in selling. It primarily generates leads that help marketers widen their market reach.

With this on board, sales people will have a better way of organizing their leads and communicating with them.

Tasks can keep on coming and it’s up to you to strategize and decide how to finish each task on time. The above mentioned apps are proven by many corporate workers to be of great help in saving time and making work more efficient. Start scheduling your work and use the apps to finish them on time!

About Author:

Janice is a twenty something who loves to write. She likes to travel around the world to meet new people and gain new experiences. She is currently a copywriter Vender – a productivity app for sales that let you manage your leads and tasks.

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