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7 Free Movie Apps for Android to Overcome Boredom – Latest


Boredom can be extremely terrible. Movies are the best answer to get rid of boredom. If you are struggling to have entertainment on the go or after a tedious and hectic day, movies can be a way to help break the boredom continuity flow. So here is a list of free movies app for Android that will help you spend a quality entertainment session.

These free movie apps for Android require constant internet connection to stream movies to your device. Most of the apps will either need a good 3G/4G LTE connection or standard Wi-Fi connectivity. The following list of apps might have limited content, but the movies are free and nobody complains about something that is free.


Showbox Android Movie App

Showbox is one of the most-talked and most-liked entertainment apps. This app has so much to offer; you can easily stream online TV series and movies. Searched and used by millions of users worldwide, Showbox is an amazing app. Although it is not available on Google Play, it can be easily downloaded from its official site. The best feature of Showbox is that one can download the desired content and watch it offline.

Download Showbox now.


Crackle Android Movie App

Crackle is another free movie app for streaming and watching online movies. Unlike Showbox, this app does not provide you with a download option. But never mind that as it has great categories so that you can surf for best movies according to the genre you like. The app has support for various platforms and is available on the Play Store.

Download Crackle from Google Play Store now.


Viewster Android Movie App

Viewster is Europe’s leading free movie app for Android. It will provide you with free TV shows, anime, and movies instantly on your Android device. If you are an anime addict, make sure you check this app out as it contains a broad range of anime. This app mainly focuses on original and genuine content rather than mainstream Hollywood movies. It is free with no requirement of creating an account.

Download Viewster from Android Store now.


Hubi Android Movie App

Hubi is another superb app for watching and downloading online movies for free. It is more of a tool than an actual app that allows you to watch free movies on Android. It gets links for you and helps you download the movie hosted on that particular link. The app enables you to stream videos from restricted websites, without even consulting another app.

Download Hubi from Android store now.

Flipps TV

Flipps TV Android Movie App

Flipps TV is the complete package and allows you to watch episodes, viral videos, and music. You can choose from music videos, hit movies, news, comedy sports highlights, and much more. The app not only allows you to watch some great movies on your smartphone/tablet but also on your TV. You can stream media on your phone and watch on your TV. Although streaming takes some time to load, its quality is incredible and looks great on a big TV screen.

Download Flipps TV from Android Play Store now.

Free Movies

Free Movies App for Android

Small but quite useful, Free Movies application can connect to a database of more than 5000 movies. You can watch from different categories like sci-fi, comedy, history, fantasy, mystery, and many more. The best part of this app is that it uses your smartphone browser rather than that of the app. Although its user interface is disappointing, that is not an issue when it is fulfilling what it claims.

Download Free Movies Android App from Google Play Store now.

BigStar Movies

BigStar Movies Android Movie App

BigStar Movies consists of award-winning independent movies, foreign films, and documentaries. If you are looking for Hollywood movies, this app is not for you. However, if you love alternatives to the typical Hollywood films, then download and use this app now. It is free to use but also provides paid plans for unlimited and ad-free usage. The size of the app is about 4.09 MB, and it is readily available on Google Play.

Download BigStar Movies Android app from Google Play Store now.

Thankfully, we are living in an age that allows us to watch free movies on Android devices quickly. Watching a movie makes everything better and with the power of a portable Android device, you can have that incredible power anytime and anywhere. If you are stuck in bad weather or if you are waiting for the bus to arrive, flip out your Android smartphone and have a great time watching your favorite movies.

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