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How to Get Vodafone 4G SIM Card for your 4G Phone



Want to browse internet with 4G speed? Vodafone just launched 4G services in Delhi-NCR and now you should get the 4G-enabled sim card to access 4G internet.

Below is our step-by-step guide on how to get Vodafone’s 4G-enabled sim card.

First of all, you’ll need 4G enabled phone to be able to access the high speed internet “4G”

Steps to take to get Vodafone 4G Sim Card:

1st: Visit your nearby Vodafone store or service center.

2nd: Request for 4G-ready SIM card.

3rd: Executive will request for identification documents such as PAN Card, License, Passport’s photo copy. – Keep it handy.

4th: After the detailed review of your identification documents, the executive will provide you the new 4G-enabled sim card of Vodafone.

5th: To make sure the card is active, do the following: Send an SMS ‘SIMEX <~20 digit 4G sim card number>’ to 55199 (the number is also available in the kit provided by the executive)

6th: You’ll quickly receive a response from Vodafone service center number 55199 which contains your new sim card number, partially.

7th: Now, send the last six digits of new sim card number to 55199 within two hours.

8th: You will receive a successful status message within few minutes.

9th: Now, you just need to replace the new 4G sim card of Vodafone into your phone.

10th: Restart the phone and use the new high-speed internet to enjoy free movies and games.

Have a great speed ahead 🙂

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