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Best & Free Movies Apps For Android

When it comes to watching free movies, everyone loves doing it. However, everyone enjoys different genres; one might enjoy watching horror movies, while others may like to watch romantic or comedy movies.

No matter the preference, everyone wishes to watch movies on the go, but what is the best free movie app for Android? There are many free movie apps for Android to download that can be found in the Play Store. Some of these apps contain thousands of popular movies from all genres.

Free Movie Apps for Android

These movies can also be found on the internet, but if you’re looking to watch movies on your mobile and want to download the best free movies app for Android, you can pick from several different apps. The biggest problem with Android apps for movies is that there are several copyright issues.

That is why the best way to watch movies online legally and safely is through the Netflix app. However, Netflix isn’t available everywhere and also requires you to pay subscription charges as well as monthly charges.

Many movie fans are unable to watch their favorite movies on television or in cinema, but it is possible now to watch all the movies you love easily with your Android smartphone. If you’re looking for a free movie app for Android, there are a few great apps that offer many movies for free.

Tubi TV

Tube TV Android App Screenshot

When it comes to apps that provide free streaming of movies and TV shows, Tubi TV is the best app available. Being the best free movie download app for Android, Tubi TV offers a massive collection of over 40k titles from all genres. It’s not just about movies as the website also has plenty of great TV shows and series for your entertainment.

The app is filled with blockbusters and award-winning movies that you can watch for free. You don’t need to spend a dime and get the Netflix experience for free with Tubi TV. If your favorite stars are Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith, Matt Damon, Kevin Spacey, and Tom Cruise, you’ll find some amazing movies featuring these stars and thousands more.

Download Tubi TV from Playstore now:

Download Tubi TV from Playstore


Free Movies

Free Movies Android App Screenshot

Free Movies app is a great and free app that requires no payment whatsoever. You don’t have to spend a single penny for registration or downloading the app. You don’t even have to pay for watching any movie. You can easily watch movies on your Android smartphone or tablet.

The app Free Movies has movies from sci-fi genre as well as horror flicks. You can also find movies about crime, war, and history. If you want to watch something romantic, there are a lot of free romance movies available as well. From fantasy, mystery and thriller to drama and even musicals, there’s entertainment for everyone on this app.

The best part about this app is that all the movies are legal and there’s no copyright infringement. You can watch all the flicks for free as all the movies are a part of the public domain. The best part about the app is that it runs on HTML5 technology, so you don’t have to worry about Adobe Flash Player. It needs no external apps, widgets, or add-ons to run. It’s simple and amazing, and its collection of movies means you’ll never be bored again.

Download Free Movies Android App from PlayStore now:

Download Free Movies App from Playstore




Popcornflix Android App Screenshot

When there’s a discussion about free movies apps for Android, it’s impossible not to mention Popcornflix. One of the greatest and most premium apps for free movies, Popcornflix is a great app that lets you watch hundreds of movies for free. It is free of subscription charges or fees, and you can download it for free on your smartphone.

With a collection of over seven hundred of the best Hollywood movies, you’ll be able to access all of them once you download the app. It has movies featuring the biggest stars in Hollywood including Brad Pitt, Kristen Stewart, Olivia Wilde, Ryan Reynolds and many more.

Download Popcornflix Android app from PlayStore now:

Download Popcornflix Android App from Playstore



Find movies in every genre you love. From comedy and romance to horror and mystery, there’s great entertainment for all your movie needs. The best part is that you’ll be watching all the movies legally, so you don’t have to worry about any copyright infringements and enjoy your favorite flicks legally.

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