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Best Ways to Organise Your Backyard

organized-backyardHaving a back yard garden is a privilege not many people today have. If you recently bought a house with a back yard, or are just thinking about reorganising your existing garden, here are the best tips that can help you arrange it.

Lawn portrays your yard

Every good standing yard needs to have a good lawn. Back in the days when royalty had had big estates, a big and healthy lawn portrayed their wealth – if they had enough money to have and maintain one that meant a good position in the society.

The situation has changed a bit during the course of time, but a green lawn is still a necessity.

Dedicate some time during the week to maintain your lawn, find a mower and other garden tools to get rid of weed. Do not use chemicals, because they can endanger the health of your pets and even kids; rather, pluck weed with your hands and your lawn will be able to resist any problems naturally.

Add flower patches

The best way to organise your back yard is to determine in which areas you want to grow flowers. For example, many people decide to cover empty patches with flower beds, whereas others like to grow them next to the trees, hedge, patio or sidewalk.

If you do not want to leave the flowers there permanently, you can plant them in flower pots, which can be useful especially during the winter – so that you can bring them inside so that they do not freeze.

Water is the source of life

Since water is the source of life, you can add it to your back yard as well. Depending on the size of your back yard, you can either dig a pond or install a back yard fountain and attract birds, frogs and even grow fish in it.

If neither of these options do not work for you, you can make a DIY water garden by filling up a metal washtub or pail and put some floating candles onto its surface. Decorate it with low-maintenance water plants or glass baubles, and there you have it – a perfect water setting.

And of course, do not forget to water your lawn and your flowers, because sometimes what nature gives them is simply not enough.

Trim your bush

If you have trees, bushes, shrubbery or a hedge, you simply have to maintain it. Back in the nineteenth century, big estates used to clip their hedges in different shapes, and the practice remained to this day. Many modern gardens today have clipped hedges which decorate the outdoor space, so why not consider growing one in your back yard as well?

Patio design for a full picture

Every good garden today has a dedicated space where the entire family can gather in the evening, after a dinner, or throw a party in the summer. Patios are a great solution for every spacious garden, because they allow you to practically decorate an outside living room on them.

Do not stop at adding only deck chairs and a table. If you have enough space, fill it up with outdoor furniture and a branded umbrella to protect the furniture from sunlight or rain, and when you no longer need it, you can simply put it down.

As you can see, back yards do demand a lot of work. However, if you maintain your yard properly and on time, you will end up spending hours and hours relaxing beside your pond, or sunbathing in your patio. The effort eventually pays off, so make sure that you start on time.

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