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A KISS is all it takes to sell your house


Psst. Want to know the ado. Keep it Simple Silly

Everyone in the world who owns a real estate knows how difficult it can get to sell the property and move on. When you are ready, buyers are not, when buyers are standing at your door, you have another reason to stay there for a while. And finally when everything seems right and you list your property, nobody reverts.

If you fall in the third category people, the reasons might be as wide as; the unavailability of buyers in the current market condition, the price or specifications does not match the needs of buyers, or it can be as small as buyers being unsatisfied from the ad you posted.

keep it simple silly

While the wide reasons are not exactly in your hand to change, the small reason, not so correct property listing, is in your control to change. Unsure how you will pull it off? – Start with a layout.

Layout of a KISS ready property listing advertisement



This, first sentence of the property listing ads gets right to the part of what the estate listing ad is about. The notion is to instantly inform the advertisement readers what they are looking at. The aim here is to answer the potential buyer’s question of what is in it for me in the first few two to four seconds.



This section needs to be divided in two succeeding parts.

  1. Prime features of property – number of rooms, area of the house, extra installations like fireplace, Jacuzzi etc., location advantages, etc.
  2. A compelling story – write a short paragraph detailing the property in an inspiring manner.

The aim here is to give a visual to the readers of what would it be like if they start living in the house. How they can be at home near the fireplace or how easy it would be for them to be prepared for the medical emergency, if and when it happens, with the hospital and bank just around the corner.

Cue to action

cue to action

This is the part where you summarize it all and tell the readers what they are supposed to do now. It is now that you mention the price of the property and the deals (related to the payment) if you are giving any. Do not be scared to notch up a sense of earnestness and prompt them the very real likelihood that it is their last chance that they will ever get to buy your property. Tell them to book an appointment to have a look at the property.

Do not make the mistake of not giving them your contact information. You do not want them to get all excited about the property and then take the chance to contact you away.

Once you get a hang of the layout, it will be time to work on things like tone, genuine facts, etc., which might seem insignificant, but can adversely affect the result of your ad.

The facts that you put in the ad should be a 100% true. Do not get carried away with how you see the house, write the true picture. It is true that you have to show your house in a good light, but do not mention extra rooms or facilities you wish were there in your house. Believe it or not, they will eventually find out and will seriously tarnish your reputation in the market.

As far as the tone of the description is concerned, you have to create an urgency while maintaining the line of respect. You have to show what they are missing but not rub it in their faces. The idea is to create a visual of an ideal place but make it attainable.

With the main things covered the next thing, before you put up your ads on sites that will get you maximum attention, is size of the description. A number of sites have fixed character or word limit. So do your homework right, before you start with creating a draft. Ensure that you add all the points mentioned in the layout section above, as shortly and concisely as possible.

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