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Top 5 Fall Makeup Looks 2015

To all my lovelies, it’s that time of the year when summer says good bye and winter is on the verge to say hello. As the pessimists say that fall is so beautiful yet everything is dying. No, everything isn’t dying and shouldn’t be dying as well. Moreover, what should definitely not be dying is your need for a makeover while using one of the trendiest make up looks which go just according to the particular season.

Furthermore, along with fall it’s even time for occasions such as thanksgiving and the much awaited Halloween! So girls, gear up for family gatherings and Halloween parties where you have to look the best amongst all. Although Halloween parties are usually theme based and will require you to dress up as a scary witch but why don’t you try a different look this time?

I’d suggest that you dress up as a bad ass beauty wearing a sultry dark colored outfit and apply make up to the best of your abilities but the one according to the current season, the one which is trending now a days and I’m sure that you’ll definitely make heads turn as soon as you step inside the party.

How about adopting ombre hair, black liner, red lips and flushed cheeks this fall? Trust me on this, it won’t disappoint. However, some more of the trendy fall make up looks are mentioned below. Happy reading girls!

5. Be Fierce This Fall

You can be seductive and chic all at once by trying just one simple look on yourself. This look will pull you away from a typical Godey look which is a result of dark eyes as well as bold lips. However, this look focuses on enhancing both of your eyes and lips but the difference is that it will emphasize more on the bold appearance of the lips while giving a lighter shade to the eyes.

Fall makeup looks 2015 - Image 5

Consequently, you’re advised to keep the eyes shimmery whilst giving the lips a very smooth matte effect. This look will look good with ombre hair too. Begin your make up with the darkest product which you’ll be using because this will further help keep the rest of the areas on a lighter tone, well and try and find out whether this trick works or no. So,

  • Start by applying an extremely dark color which gives your lips an intense look. Try ‘Sin’ by ‘Mac’, my God that color makes the lips appear ultra-gorgeous!
  • Next, put on a black eye liner or eye pencil on your water line, blink twice and let it transfer to the top rims.
  • Then starts applying a bronze colored or rusty gold colored cream eye shadow on the eye lids and drag it towards the crease.
  • Later, finish up by applying at least three coats of mascara on the lashes so that they appear big and voluminous.

4. Intimidating yet Quick Smokey Eyes

Almost every female reading this would be a fan of Smokey eyes or dark eyes at some point of time. Well this is perfect chance and time to recreate that look again! It’s fall and the world around you is trending with new makeup looks for women to appear flawless and prettier than ever this season. So avail this time of the year and grab a bunch of makeup brushes, eye pencils, eye shades and you’re good to go.

Fall makeup looks 2015 - Image 4

Moreover, this look will compliment ombre hair pretty well if you’re wearing that hair color now a days. Although the typical Avril Lavigne signature Smokey eye look is too dark and one wouldn’t opt for that except for the fact that it’s a Halloween party and everyone’s dressed up as either Dracula’s or zombies. So a better idea is to create a quick Smokey eye look with a combination of dark as well as light colors which will balance the overall look. So begin by

  • Smudging black and brown eye pencils on your eyes.
  • After smudging it well, apply a brown eye shadow on the eye lids.
  • Next, darken the crease by dragging your brush along it after it’s dipped in a matte black eye shadow and create a wing out of it.
  • Then darken your water line with a kohl pencil and extend it towards the outer area of the lower lash line.
  • Finish the look with nude lips.

3. Time to Brighten Your Eyes

Girls, are you familiar with the trending floral prints these days? Almost every female is spotted wearing floral pants or colorful floral shirts. Then why not compliment such clothes with a similar make up look? Since its fall, the most beautiful time of the year which I personally find even prettier than spring then why not follow the season and be colorful, bright and pretty too?

Fall makeup looks 2015 - Image 3

Girls there are two options, either opting for lavender eye liner or a turquoise very feminine floral shade for your water line. This will work along with bubble gum pink lips and will end up giving you an immensely sweet and pretty look. So begin by,

  • Applying a double coat of lavender eye liner on your eye lids.
  • Next, back it up with a similar colored eye shadow by tapping bits of it on your eyes.
  • Or, nicely define your lower lash line with a turquoise eye pencil and go for glossy pink or nude lips.
  • However, don’t forget to use triple coats of mascara to finish the look.

2. It’s a Blush Rush All The Way

Fall makeup looks 2015 - Image 2

No more bronzing powders or contours for fall. Now it will just be warm blushes and rosy cheeks this season! I think Taylor Swift kept this look in mind when she wrote her latest song by penning down the lines, ‘red lips and rosy cheeks.’ Yes, this is the exact look you need to achieve this fall which is very similar to that of Rose from Titanic. However, red hair color or ombre hair anything would go with this look but remember to apply the blush according to the shape of your face.

01.Lashes Out

Fall makeup looks 2015 - Image 1

A soft make up look which the season fall usually prefers is dark lips along with no eye makeup but just highly defined eye lashes. Now it’s up to you whether you wear fake lashes or go for a three to four coating for your eye lashes. No matter how you achieve this look your only motive should be to highly enhance and nicely define your eye lashes which will undoubtedly make you look like a Barbie doll. So, what are you waiting for? Go get dressed up and don’t forget to enjoy this time of the year.

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