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4 Ways to make Your Job-search Speedy Enough


With time passing by, you’ve been giving every modicum of effort to make your job search efficacious in each aspect. Right from sourcing and spotting all potential recruiters, to applying incessantly and running distances for a follow-up, the process has been quite rigorous at your end.

However, there are plenty of other things you need to ensure to make your job search complete in every sense. Of course, you don’t mind giving in a zillion more efforts, but the market doesn’t work that way. More the time you invest in hunting for the ‘right job’, more will be the questions doubting your candidature in the rapidly transforming and competitive global market. Hence mentioned below are 4 such hacks which’ll make the job search process speedy enough for it to have the right momentum, yielding in a desirable offer.

Start Hunting for New Leads Every Now and Then

What your job-search requires at present is some fuel for it to run, consequently, you need fresh leads for the same. Some might term it as the power of multiple options, but it’s nothing less than a harbinger of a hack to focus on more than one opportunity, with ample confidence in your kitty. Sticking on a single job-opening will enable lethargy to step in, along with unnecessary amount of hyper-focus at your end. This ultimately manifests in the form of desperation, pushing you to bug a recruiter time and again.

Having numerous alternatives at your disposal, whether at the interview stage or the research stage, you know that all your hard-work isn’t pivoted on a single job position. This way it’s quite convenient for you to keep honing your skills and have a ‘plan B’ in place at the same time.

Be Involved in the Process at All Times

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be making application calls or be interviewing at every point of time. But, it intends you to be involved in the whole process in some way or the other, during all times nearly. Be it a call to schedule an interview or sending some mails, be it some company research or filling in application forms, things are numerous to be executed and time waits for none. Obviously, you too want to feel that progress in some aspect or the other is made, on a regular basis. Hence, if there aren’t any job listings on a given day, go ahead with the follow-up for the ones you’ve already applied in. Not only to keep you busy, but moving ahead at any given instance.

Be Conspicuous Enough

Recruiters and hiring managers today are probably dealing with a multitude of applicants coming from different social backgrounds, having different sets of achievements. Amidst this, it’s quite understood if people forget you, for not being visible enough.

Now, what does the situation demand from you?

The answer is quite straight forward, you need to get out of that room. Schedule meet-ups over a cup of coffee, sign-up for networking events and work in collaboration with people in your network. Send regular updates and be active on social media. Seriously, it will increase the process’s speed and efficacy, two-fold!

Tracking Stays as an Imperative Task Too!

Yes, you are working day and night, but you might also have to deal with a motivational slump, while feeling the fact that you’re going nowhere. This is the right time for you to start tracking your progress and keep a record, regarding the same. You can start with maintaining a list of realistic short-term and long-term goals and quantify the amount of work done in their favor, each day. This way you can also measure the amount of work that needs to be done, additionally. For instance, you fix a number of applications to be sent out in a week and the number of people you’re going to network with, within a specific time-frame.

Job-search is quite a simple process. But, once you ensure time-efficiency, it’s merely a child’s play. So, keep moving and stick to the basics mentioned above. An offer letter is surely waiting on the other side.

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