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9 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Career Prospects as an Intern


While getting an appointment letter for internship is the ultimate news for many, utilizing this opportunity for their own best is what most of them fail at. Internships are incredible learning experiences and vary from individual to individual. But, being new to the job, you are bound to make certain mistakes.

For this very purpose, it is always a better choice to take some precautions and avoid such mistakes. Following is a list of few most common blunders that you can avoid to make your internship experience worthy:

  1. Limited Socializing

Being a wallflower has never helped any intern gain a permanent position at workplace, as they fail to become a prominent candidate in eyes of employers. Consider workplace socializing as an important aspect of your internship phase, and develop a good relation with colleagues, senior staff, bosses and other interns around you.

  1. Not Welcoming Feedback

If you are not willing to hear the criticism and improve your performance, your chances to survive in a job reduce by a large number automatically. Be open to suggestions, and take criticism positively as it will definitely benefit you in future.

  1. Procrastination

Employers hate lazy workers especially interns. Interns are supposed to be full of enthusiasm and energetic. If you procrastinate and fail to complete tasks that are assigned to you in time, the employers might get a vibe that you are not productive enough and therefore, you may lose your chances of permanent employment.

  1. Too Frank Attitude

Though office environments vary and differ from one another, becoming too frank with senior staff is not considered a good thing for interns. So, it is a wise idea to keep a positive yet formal attitude with staff and bosses at work.

  1. Ignoring Office Trends

As soon as you reach the office, start learning about their work ethics and trends regarding how things are done there. It is very important to pay attention and adopt the particular workplace culture so that you can adjust easily. If you fail to adopt any particular office’s culture, you may also fail to make your position permanent there.

  1. Avoiding Office Parties

Interns, especially those who have a busy social life, often ignore office party invitations without realizing their necessity in their future career. If you really want to build up a network at new workplace, then make sure to attend all office parties. No matter how boring they are, do not miss your chances of striking conversation with your seniors and getting yourself known in the company.

  1. Complaining A Lot

If you are recently hired as an intern, forget dreaming about free time at work. Interns are more often than not overworked and overburdened but that is considered to be a part of training. So even if you think that you are working more than you want to, take a deep breath, tell yourself that internship phase will be over soon and avoid complaining about it.

  1. Not Speaking Up

Being from the youngest lot of employees at workplace, interns often feel insecure and therefore hesitate in sharing their ideas. What interns need to understand is that if they share any good idea and contribute with their suggestions, it will not only help them gain confidence but make their presence felt in the company as well.

  1. Inappropriate Dressing

Sometimes it takes a little while to figure out how you should dress for work but the sooner you do, the better it is for your professional image. Even if you have no clue about how to dress for a particular workplace, learn and dress appropriate at work instead of wearing flip flops with polo t-shirt.

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Buckle up and make sure to avoid all the above listed mistakes for a bright future career. There might be times when you feel you are not doing anything productive but keep your morale high and consider all such work as your investment into a job.

Bio: William Ford is an academician who offers research proposal help on behalf of a reputable online services, Research Paper Town. In his free time, he loves to watch Breaking Bad and Games of Throne with his friends.

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