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Children and Home Security – Top Tips

Children and Home Security – Top TipsWe all care about how secure our homes are. No one wants to have the experience of someone breaking into their home and stealing our things. It is not just a matter of losing stuff and money. It is about being violated, it is about our homes becoming less than fortresses. Our home needs to be the place where we will feel safe and where our family will be safe.

One aspect of keeping your home and your family safe and secure is ensuring that your children know everything about your home security features. This is particularly important once the time comes for your children to stay home alone.

When can you leave your children home alone?

Before we get into the whole thing about educating your children about home security, we should probably say a thing or two about when you can leave your children home alone.

If you thought that perhaps the law might be of help, you will find that this is mostly not the case. Namely, most countries in the world do not have specific laws that tell you when it is legal for you to leave your children alone. In the United States, only Illinois and Maryland are among the states that have laws about this and in Australia, Queensland is the only state that prescribes that children under the age of 12 should not be left home alone.

In short, what this means is that you are the one who decides on this. You need to assess whether your child will be alright left home alone and there are a number of factors that will help you make the decision. For example, you need to determine how safe your neighborhood is; how mature your child is; how long you plan on being away; whether your child will be scared to be alone; whether they know the important phone numbers and what to do in case of an emergency. The list goes on.

Only when you are perfectly certain that it will not be a problem can you leave your child alone.

Introducing them to home security

The easiest way to introduce your child to home security is to start with the lock to the front door. This is the primary security feature on your home and it is the easiest one to explain to your child. When you leave and return home, let them lock and unlock the door. Make sure it becomes a habit for them.

When you start planning on leaving your children home alone, it is also perhaps time to start thinking about changing your lock to a stronger one. This is a smart thing to do because most homes use locks that are not sturdy and secure enough, according to people from a Sydney locksmith and security firm.

Once your children are familiar with locks, you can start explaining other security features that you have in your home, if you have them, of course. For instance, many homeowners these days have alarm systems that ensure no one can break into the home without the alarm sounding off. You should educate your children about what they should do if the alarm goes off, who to call, where to hide and so on.

One amazing security feature for people who intend to leave their children home alone is the video door phone. These devices have a camera in front of the door and when someone rings the bell, your children will be able to see them on a screen inside the home. They can then decide whether they should let them in. Always make sure they know that they should NEVER let anyone strange into the house.

Some additional tips

There are a few things that you should also explain to your children when they are home alone and when home security is in question. For instance, you should tell them that they should never tell anyone on the phone that the parents are away and that they are home alone. You should also let them know that they should leave the lights on if they are home alone during the night. Finally, always answer their questions about home security and them being left alone. It is best to answer some questions than to leave them not knowing how to behave and what to do.

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