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Top 12 Helpful Tips to Handle New-Mum Stress

mom in stressBecoming a new mother is an exciting time full off laughs and tears of joy. On the other hand, it is also a scary time full of stress and many new worries. No one ever tells you what daily life will be like with a newborn. If they did, they would not be able to look you in the eye because the truth is not pretty. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the twelve helpful tips to handle new-mum stress.

Tip# 1.Exercising

A good workout will always help. However, you should always remember to seek permission from your doctor before engaging in any rigorous exercise especially right after giving birth. On the other hand, you can also choose to just walk with your baby in tow around the block. Exercising keeps you rejuvenated and you tend to forget the stress of being a new mum for a moment.

Tip# 2.Get Out Of the House

Most new mums tend to remain in the house because of feeling anxious and stressed. As tempting as it may be, don’t stay in the house throughout. Try at least to go outside on the front porch to get some fresh air. Outdoors will make you feel somehow revitalized.

Tip# 3.Reach Out to Other New Moms

Having a newborn is a beautiful thing but in some cases, it can also be very isolating and daunting. It is therefore very important to find and meet new mom groups in your area so you can discuss common experiences and concerns. Having that understanding and support from people in the same state as you can do you wonders.

Tip# 4.Set Some Time Aside For Yourself

Every day, set some time that is just for you no matter how short it is. You may find yourself emotionally depleted between feeding, changing and trying to get your new baby down to sleep hence it is important that you reward yourself with a proper break. Whether it is exercising, reading a novel, painting your nails, cooking or having a bath, just do it if it makes you feel good.

Tip# 5. Eat Proper

Although it can be tempting to grab the nearest sugary snack available especially when you are feeling too tired and worn-out, eating healthy is very important as it helps feel better. Eating properly will also help you recover very fast from the birth hence keeping your energy levels on an even keel. You can eat foods which releases energy slowly such as veggies, wholegrain and fruits and foods rich in protein.

Tip# 6. Be Ready To Accept Offers Of Help

When someone offers to do something for you, make the most of help that she is offering you. Most people especially family members really do want to help particularly when there is a new baby involved. If they want to babysit, clean, fetch some shopping or cook, don’t deny them that chance.

Tip# 7.Write It All Out

When you feel very stressed or overwhelmed, the best way to overcome is by writing out all those feelings on a paper. By writing it all out you feel much better because it is like telling a person who understands what exactly you are going through as new mom.

Tip# 8.Always Be Prepared

Since no one knows what to expect when it comes to a newborn, as a new-mom you should always be prepared. When leaving the house, ensure you carry with you things like a bottle of milk, plenty of diapers and wipes, pacifier, an extra change of clothes for your child etc.

Tip# 9.Don’t Try Doing Too Much

Don’t expect to do everything you used to do before giving birth. If you cannot clean the house or even do some laundry, then take it easy and do it when you can. Being a mom is hard enough; so don’t add to your stress. Spending time with your baby is what matters hence the rest can wait.

Tip# 10.Stay Connected To Your Partner

Good communication with your partner is very helpful when it comes to handling new-mum stress. It is therefore important to make sure you maintain a strong relationship with your partner. It prevents you from taking stuff too personally.

Tip# 11.Get Some Sleep Whenever You Get a Chance

Since you never know when you are going to get some sleep, you should ensure you sleep whenever you can to avoid stress due to lack of enough sleep. This includes sleeping when your newborn falls asleep if possible. You can also do some shifts with your significant other so each one of you gets enough sleep.

Tip# 12.Newborns Don’t Really Need That Much

Don’t spend too much buying your newborn things other than a couple changes of clothes, diapers, a few onesies, wipes, and sleepers. For the first few months, you will not need to buy a lot of items for your baby, therefore you should save yourself all the hassles.

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