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Best Daily Foods for Babies

food for babies

The main goal of feeding your baby a nutritious meal is to enable him/her to grow up healthy and strong. The type of food your baby enjoys till the time they grow up, depends on the weaning methods you apply. Therefore, if you introduce your baby to healthy meals at an early stage, they will get used to it even when they grow up. Having a feeding program for your baby is the first step in ensuring that your child is always on course to a healthy lifestyle.

What you can do to get this right, is ask your close friends or relatives who have recently gotten a baby for advice if they have proper knowledge regarding the topic. On the other hand, you can also make a thorough search for the information on the internet where you will find tons of insightful updates on baby-friendly foods. So, what can you consider as healthy baby foods that are important for your child’s well-being? There are a lot of foods you can put in this context and we have discussed a couple of them for you…


Broccoli, a high Vitamin C and a great source of soluble fiber, is essential nutritious enough that are valuable for the growth of your baby. With fiber, calcium and folate, it is a guarantee that your child is protected against life threatening diseases like cancer. In addition, if you feed your children broccoli when they are still toddlers, they build a taste for it, since it has a unique flavor that boosts their taste buds.

Broccoli is widely accepted by children when steamed and then chilled. However, do not serve it whole, slice it into small pieces to make it easy to swallow. Broccoli is one among the best in the list of baby food recipes. In order to give a good digestion to your baby you can give your baby a steamed broccoli as this do a better job of binding with bile acid. When this Broccoli is over cooked by steaming method it becomes softer which your children’s would like to eat..


Contrary to beliefs that fat is bad, you need to find the right source of fat for your baby. These Avocados also helps your child to have a good digestion. That is where avocado comes along. Avocados are rich in healthy fat and can be fed to the baby when mixed with other foods. Mashing the avocado is the best way to prepare it, besides it becomes easier for the baby to swallow.

Mashed avocado can be mixed with other fruits that go well with it like blended watermelon. Though they are not sweet but Avocados are actually a fruit and also they have health benefits for kids as well as elders. These Avocado’s provides Vitamin E, C, potassium B6 and Soluble fiber which are better for healthy heart. You can provide your child Avocados with silvered and layered spread like sandwich or you can provide it in a new recipe. Also you can make a juice of it and give your child a health juice drink..


Carrot is a highly source of beta carotene vegetable which turns to be Vitamin A and is undoubtedly beneficial for babies. It is considerably the first vegetable for infants because of its taste, nutrition and texture. Carrot, the sweetest of all vegetables, is referred by the pediatricians. Babies also prefer to taste as they have a natural preference for sweets. Carrot also contains iron, calcium and Vitamin C while is also rich in fiber. Even you can provide your baby good steamed carrot because it taste much better than the non-steamed carrot and your baby would like to eat it.

Sweet Potatoes or Yams:

The deep orange colored sweet potatoes are ideal for infants. This soft texture vegetable can be baked and then pealed thoroughly. With the help of a fork they can be mashed and blend with some pure water blender in a food processor. This food is found to be very beneficial for the health of the babies and in fact is also referred by doctors.

Some natural benefits can be achieved from sweet potatoes for your baby if you use steaming or cooking method, compared to other foods sweet potatoes have large number of proteins also it is healthy and help full for your baby as it increase the blood levels of Vitamin A.


Peas are brimming with nutrients, which are vital for the growth and development of a baby. The best part about them is the fact that they can be prepared in different ways and with various foods. If you do so, your child will benefit from all these minerals: Sodium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc, Potassium, Calcium and Iron. Preparations of pea entails steaming it until it becomes tender then puree it or you can blend it, which is better still.

Compared to others it has more calcium in it and peas have more Vitamin C present in it. These Peas can be eaten without cooking it taste better in both form in cooked form but it taste better when it is boiled or steamed.

If you have an EHIC card, you can visit any medical institution in your jurisdiction and get these tips and more that will help you make the right choices for your baby’s nutrition needs.

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