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Best & Top 5 Places to Stay In Bahrain

bahrainBahrain is renowned for its extensive experience in welcoming guests. Located in the Middle East, it has over the years being an influential transit point since time immemorial for tourists between East and West. There are over hundred hotels you can choose from that come in all sorts of style and budget.

Below is a compiled list of best places to stay in Bahrain

Elite Suites Hotel

It is located in between Bahrain Mall and Dana Mall. Forget the crowded places which are full of party girls who interfere with your serenity. Elites Suites is loved for its strict no alcohol policy making it an ideal choice for couples or family who prefer a place free from clubbing noise. It is an excellent option if you are travelling with your family to Bahrain or if you are on a business trip and you have no interest in the party life. In addition, it has outstanding TV reception. The staff are very friendly and welcoming as well as courteous and polite. The rooms are spacious and it has an affordable package and at times they offer a summer discounts.

Gulf Hotel

There are many things you will love about this hotel. Apart from the spacious airy rooms, the place also has a range of excellent restaurants just within the hotel which offer different types of cuisines at affordable rates. You cannot afford to leave Gulf before trying the “a la cart” menu. Their food is of quality particularly the breakfast buffet. The great service, friendly people and delicious room always gives you a reason of wanting to come back. Everything under Gulf Hotel leaves you with luxurious feeling. You get to enjoy free Wi-Fi and most rooms offer you superb view.

Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel and Spa

You will definitely fall head over heels in love with the pillows and the bed since they are so comfortable. You are guaranteed of perfect night sleeps. Also the room service offered by the place is flawless. They staff even go an extra mile of adjust your television set accordingly. The standard of their food is superb that you can be tempted to request for some recipes which you can take home. The spa treatment will do you justice. Moreover, you can access Internet since the hotel offers free Wi-Fi. The staff members are well trained and are very conscious of customer needs. This is one of the best hospitality places worth staying in Bahrain.

Hotel Inn Express Bahrain

If you are searching for a budget hotel in Bahrain, then this is what you should be looking at. Besides the staff being professional, they are also helpful and very friendly. Right from your first moment, the staff help you feel like as if you are at home. The rooms are thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis and free water bottle is allocated to each room. The hotel is luxurious with its excellent power shower and breathtaking bathroom. Furthermore, the hotel is packed with a good restaurant and a luxury bar that is packed with a wide selection of bar snacks and drinks.

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq – Thalassa Sea and Spa

Although this hotel is far from the Manama, it stands as one of the most attractive hotels in Bahrain. Its remoteness makes the place ideal for privacy. Additionally, you also get to escape the hassles of traffic. The quiet sandy beach adds more touch to your relaxation. The wonderful spa facilities and excellent room view facing the swimming pool and the breathtaking beach makes it is a perfect place to stay for both couples and families. Kids club is a fantastic idea as well as a safe and fun place for the young ones to stay for 3 to 4 hours away from family. This gives couples opportunity to pamper each other and appreciate one another without the disruption of kids.

Bahrain has many hotels that can pamper you with the best hospitality but in order to bring the vacation picture in your mind into reality, you will need to apply for a Bahrain Visa. No person can be allowed to enter the Bahrain without applying for the visa except citizens of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and United Arab Emirates. You can check online to find out more about the visa application.

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