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Best Ways to Promote Your Business in 2015

business officialsMarketing always grows and changes and trends replace one another from one day to another. Therefore, before stepping into the 2015, make sure that you have analyzed all the good and the bad sides of your business in the previous year and start building new strategies and making new plans about how to promote it even better than you have in this year. Some experts tried to think of the ways that will be the most successful in the year to come, so take a look at five really effective ways to promote your business in 2015.

Things to Do With Your Website

First of all, there is not a single excuse in this world for a small business today, not to have a website. The website needs to be very simple, easy to read and absolutely intuitive. Your company info should be available at all times and purchase should be made very easy. You don’t want to test your client’s patience with searching ways to buy something from you. It should to a click away. Furthermore, in 2015, without a mobile version of your website, it is as good as a non-existent website. With tablets, smartphones and their hybrids in every purse and pocket, more and more traffic comes from those devices. Allow people to use your site on them as rarely anyone will remember to visit your site ‘when they get back home’.


Other Online Stuff

You will need to list your product and company at all major listings there are and at all places that you think it will be useful. Some listings are free while others are paid, so make sure it fits your budget. Find high quality listings and make sure you are there. Also, you need to make sure that you follow all the reviews that are left about your product on different sites, forums and the like. There will be some negative reviews and you need to manage them and see what you can learn from them and what you can do about them. Don’t leave them to chance.

Use All Sorts of Feedback

Needs and wants of your clients and customers change. You need to follow those changes and keep up to date. There are many ways to do so: online and offline surveys, online reviews, social networks and the like. It is best if you ask the clients if they are willing to participate in your survey and offer something in return. That can be a discount, a gift card or anything of the sort. Then it will be worth their while. Listen to the criticism even when it is not the most politely expressed as there is always something to be learned from those reviews as well. Also, when you collect the info about the ways you can improve, you need to tell those people what you are planning to do about it. In that way, you are showing that you respect their time and opinion. This means securing the client base and customer relations.

Plan the Budget

There will always be some new and exciting ideas on how to promote your business. However, running from one to another will cost you time and money and it is questionable if they will even work. Therefore, plan ahead the marketing and promotional budget for the entire year or at least a couple of months ahead. After a period of time, try to figure out if your investments pay off and tweak the budget, redirecting the funds into the ways that definitely give you your money back and earn some more on the way. Having no budget can break your bank really fast without giving you anything in return. However, since there will be some more new ideas during the 2015, make sure you plan some budget for those as well. Just to be on the safe side.

Think Gifts

Freebies, samples, promotional products and other things that you can give away are far more valuable in terms of marketing than printed material. In 2015. with all the green and eco-friendly trends that are growing, this will be even more interesting from the point of view of marketing and promotion as reusing, recycling and multipurpose objects are trendy. On the other hand, with useful items that have your logo and info on them, you prolong the exposure of your clients to those info and increase the chances of them being associated to you when they need your product or building the feeling of familiarity.

Hence, there are some new things that await promotional campaigns in 2015, but there are some classic ideas about budget that never go out of style. Be informed about these things, but always make sure that you tailor each and every strategy to your product and your own business.

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