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3 Websites to Get Home Interior Design Ideas

interior design ideasHome staging can either be easy or difficult. For a home owner who enjoys interior design, staging their house to look sellable is a piece of cake. But for someone who’s too busy to choose an appropriate curtain for the living room, it will take time before they get it right. It’s important that you know at least a thing or two about design, because it’s a good way to make potential buyers appreciate your house.

It’s not all lost for someone who have no idea about design. Ideas are easily accessible to anyone. You don’t need to have magazine subscriptions nor do they need to enroll in design courses. Some popular websites have niches that home owners can use to teach them a thing or two on how to stage their home. And with these ideas, you can boost the visual appeal of the house you plan to sell. Being up-to-date on the design popular among the public can increase your chances of getting your property sold.


For anyone interested in design, Pinterest is the place to be. Users can set up boards focusing on a single topic, and visitors have the options of choosing which boards they want to use. What’s good about this site is that you don’t necessarily have to follow users, since they can post about various things. You have the option of only following Boards, which fits your intention.

An example of good boards on home design is Yahoo Shine’s At Home board. It compiles interior design of the living room, bedroom, the kitchen, and pretty much every other part of the house. Another good one is Oh Joy’s For the Home, which also posts unique furniture pieces. There are also specific boards such as Good Night Sleep Tight which only includes bedroom interior.


This may not be the first website that comes to mind when you think of home interior. But before Pinterest, this is where design enthusiasts and experts alike mingle. The design community on tumblr is still going strong. With over 160 million blogs, you’ll surely see some Tumblogs with the design ideas you’re looking for. It has a good tagging function that can keep track of your usual tags ranging from beds to furniture to bookshelves. There’s also a more transparent and immediate interaction among users through asks and messages. It’s not just inspiration you’ll find here, because some design blogs post advice columns that will give direct answers to your inquiry.


If you’re looking for a more personal interaction when talking and learning about design, then try the communities in Google+. There are pages and communities you can visit that focus on interior design such as Interior Design Community and Home Interior Design. Here, you can post inquiries and have your question answered by tons of design enthusiasts. There are new updates by the minute so you’ll have a general clue what people like. This will help you cater your ideas to which designs will actually sell.

Nicolette Morrison is an editor at She spends her idle time reading science fiction books and wishing she can finally re-design her bedroom.

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