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Root for Zvolen, trade with InstaMarkets!

HKm ZvolenInstaMarkets is a title sponsor of HKm Zvolen, Slovak Extraliga champion

Ice hockey team Zvolen playing in Slovak Extraliga and reliable provider of financial services InstaMarkets have now common objectives. Just like sportsmen of a legendary ice hockey team, the company that gained credibility in the world’s brokerage industry, strives to accomplishments.

InstaMarkets keeps has always been carrying out its sponsorship policy aimed at supporting and promoting sports teams. Today, the broker is the title sponsor of HKm Zvolen, which has proved skills and commitment of its players by winning prestigious ice hockey leagues.

Founded in 1927, HKm Zvolen (translated as “knights”) is one of the most successful hockey teams in Slovakia. Jozef Golonka, Vladimir Orszagh, Michal Handzus, and Richard Zednik are among the best forwards who brought a lot of victories for the team. In early 90’s, Zvolen was in top ten teams, thus being entitled to play in Slovak Extraliga, which has been held since 1993.

Having proved itself as an ice hockey team, Slovak Knights won their first gold at Slovak Extraliga in 2001. Then the guys reached the final of the 2005 IIHF Continental Cup after beating Dynamo Moscow.

Zvolen cruised into the final of Slovak Extraliga six times and became two-time champions in the season of 2012/2013. This should come as no surprise since Zvolen has rising stars of the Slovak ice hockey in its arsenal. They are Marek Simko and Michal Chovan, who also play for the national junior ice hockey team. Zvolen-based ice hockey club also appreciates its experienced players such as Andrej Podkonicky and Ladislav Cierny, who repeatedly took part in the IIHF World Championship. It is no coincidence that the Knights are the most successful ice hockey players in the Old World.

Over dozens of years of its existence, HKm Zvolen has repeatedly proved its effectiveness, waving the flag on the ice arena. Such ardor and determination to win are highly appreciated by InstaMarkets, which constantly scales new heights.

A strong will, courage, and desire to win are integral parts of success that both the ice hockey stars and InstaMarkets stick to.

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