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Cheap Ways to Increase Home Value

increase-home-valuePeople say that the location and the quality of the house are the two most important things to look at when you are buying the home. Since the location is not something you can change, all that you have left is the house quality. You need to do all there is to be done in order to increase it so that you actually make some money from selling the home. Therefore, you need to make sure that you figure out which tweaks truly matter to your potential buyers and you need to find the cheapest ways to make them a part of your offer.

Homeowners should desist from the habit of improving the value of a home only when they want to sell it. This is because nowadays, it is cheap and easy to restore or improve the value of a home. Through use of the three tips described below, a home owner will be sure to spiff up his/her home without straining the budget. Here are some of the things that you can do, so that your home increases value while you don’t invest too much in it.

Number of Rooms

It is easy to understand that two houses, with the same number of square feet and the same location don’t have the same price if the one has two and the other has three bedrooms. The one with the higher number of rooms will always have the higher price. Therefore, make sure that you rearrange your place so that you can add a wall somewhere and make it one more room. This can be done with plaster walls that are not expensive and they are very easy to install. Make a smaller kitchen and make two rooms of the remaining place that used to be your dining room. Make two bedrooms on the same surface where used to be only one, and the like.


The first thing that a buyer sees is the front appearance of the garden and the façade. As soon as they open the doors, they will see the inside of the home, the hall or whatever comes first. The worst thing that they can see at those places is the clutter. Clutter makes people uncomfortable. It makes the space look smaller and it makes it seem disorganized, or even dirty. People don’t want to buy disorganized, small and dark places. They want big and bright homes with a lot of space, so don’t take away from your home what it already has by stuffing it with tons of details, memorabilia and the like. This will also make it seem that your home doesn’t have enough storage space.

Energy Efficient Details

Everybody loves the home that doesn’t have big bills. Therefore, it is a nice perk to use energy efficient light bulbs, to have your windows checked and the caulk applied all the other things that can save energy. This includes the thorough cleaning of all the filters and heating ducts, as well as the AC. Explain it to the potential buyers and show them the electricity bills that prove the reduction in costs.

Pay attention to your kitchen

Did you know that most home buyers make up their minds on their first sight of the kitchen? The same thing applies to your visitors. They will develop a positive opinion about your home if you improve your kitchen. Restoring the value of the kitchen commences with replacing items such as faucet, cabinet and door handles. Repainting the walls and the ceiling is also a good idea. You should also upgrade your lighting fixture with new ones. As you can see, you will not require a lot of money to improve your kitchen.

Update your appliances

Your appliances should match and if not, it is a high time that you order new ones. Giving your appliances a facelift commences with ordering new doors or face panels for your appliances. It is important to understand that appliances that do not match make the house loos dull and disorganized.

Bathroom Remodeling

Just like the kitchen, your bathroom has a lot to tell. The good news is that your bathroom can be improved with little cash. To get started, check the toilet seat and pedestal sink if they should be replaced. You should also consider replacing the bathroom floor tiles if necessary and if you had fixed no vinyl tiles at first, this is the best time to do so. Vinyl tiles will make the bathroom floor easy to clean. Also, be sure to check if all other fixtures in the bathroom are in order.

Clean and modern bathroom is definitely something that can catch buyer’s eye. There is some remodeling that you can do like changing tiles and give it an interesting look with new colors. It is proven that blue and yellow can give a bathroom an “open” look. New shower curtains or cosmetic boxes are just some of the numerous ways you can improve your bathroom on a low budget.

Seating Areas

Wherever you have a little bit of place, make some shade and put two chairs and a little table there. Decorate it with a couple of flower pots and you have the best possible seating place for your leisure time. This is very appealing for everybody and the potential buyers will be more inclined to buy the home with such cool perks.

It goes without saying that your home needs to be perfectly clean, that you need to get rid of the vermin if there is some and that a fresh layer of paint is due if you want to get a nice price. However, whatever you do, make sure that you are investing into perks that people look for since they are not necessary the most expensive ones. Only then, you may find the ways to get them for a lower price and enhance your profit.

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