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Planning a Trip to Tahiti? Everything You Need to Know

tahiti tripTahiti is the biggest island of French Polynesia and it is located in the center of the South Pacific. If you are planning to fly from Los Angeles it is an eight hour trip and it is on half way between Fiji and Hawaii. It covers an area around 2 million square miles and it is separated into few groups. Tahiti is the biggest island and has Papeete as a capital city. Another group is the Society Islands and they include Moorea and Bora Bora islands.

Tuamotu Islands are also visited a lot including the coral atolls Fakarava and Tikehau. The Gambier Islands and the Astral Islands are rarely visited by tourists.

Planning the time

Tahiti is a tropical island with a lot of sun above the head with the temperature of 80 degrees throughout the whole year. There are two seasons for planning for a vacation a summer season and a winter season. The best time to make a trip to this island is in winter months from May to October. The summer period from November to April is a more humid period but with enough sunshine for a good vacation.

How to travel

The gateway to this heaven on Earth is the LAX airport in Los Angeles. Air Tahiti Nui is the host that can offer a non-stop flight from this town to Papeete’s airport. Qantas and Air New Zealand are flying a couple of times a week. There is also an option from Honolulu through the Hawaiian Airlines that also fly nonstop.

How much money do you need?

Tahiti is not a cheap destination for more than one reason. The first reason is the food. Only seafood and some tropical fruits don’t have to be imported from the distance and that’s why food is expensive on Tahiti. Second thing that is not cheap on Tahiti is the electricity.Taha’a and Bora Bora can be pricier by half than Thatiti, Tuamotus and Moorea. In order to save some money book a bungalow right over water with a breakfast package included. You can find a lot more deals these days that include some decent meals and a fine accommodation so you can enjoy your visits even more for an affordable price.

What about Visa?

If you are from United States or Canada you don’t need a Visa just a valid passport and you are good to go.

What about the language?

French and Tahitian are the main languages and after all it is in the middle of French Polynesia. But even so, you shouldn’t have too much problems by speaking English. Every employed person on the island speaks English from people in stores to people in hotels.

Can i use dollars?

No you cannot! Their official currency is XPF or the French Pacific Franc. And can you exchange money? Yes, you can but there are just a few of ATM machines on these islands. Some local markets will accept US dollars but those situations are really rare.

What electricity do they use?

They have both the 110 and the 220 volts. This depends from a hotel to a hotel so it is recommended to bring an adapter to convert the voltage.

What about the time zone?

The time is the same as on the Hawaii. It is GMT-10 and it goes three hours earlier in comparison with the standard Pacific Time.

Do I need a vaccine?

If you are from North America you don’t need one but it is wise to check if your vaccine for tetanus has not expired. You should bring something for your stomach in case you have diarrhea. You will also need some spray for the bugs that fly around at night. Of course don’t forget sunscreen and other cosmetic for your skin. Bring something for headaches if case you have sunstroke from too much sun.

What about cruising around?

Yes, you can find several ships that cruise around the island. They have a luxurious ship that can hold 320 passengers and another for 670 passengers. You can visit the Cook Island and cruise from Papeeteto Hawaii in a 12 day cruise.

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