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Monthly Car Maintenance Checklist

checking car maintenanceIn order to make your car last longer and have less problems the best thing you can do is to perform maintenances more often. Having your vehicle checked up more regularly can help you avoid problems with the mechanics before they get more damaged and ensure your car is working perfectly. Every car should have a warranty in the contract that has to be covered by maintaining your car regularly. This will also keep the fuel usage more efficient and it will reduce the amount of carbon footprint that is polluting our atmosphere.

Filters for air

These filters are usually located on top of the engine or somewhere on the visual right beneath the hood. To check the filters all you need to do is to take the filter out on the light and see if you can spot the light on the other side. If you still cannot see the light after dusting it a few times then you have a problem and you need to replace it with a new one. The filters are not so expensive and you will reduce the consumption of the gas and extend the life of your engine.

The oil

The oil has to be changed every 3000 to 5000 miles. It depends how old your vehicle is and does it have any leaks on it and you should check your oil at least two times between two maintenances. In order to check your oil you need to remove the dipstick and clean it off with a piece of cloth. Once you done that put it back inside of the oil tube then you can take it out and see the level of your oil. You can make the reading at the lower end of the dipstick and it will show how much oil you need.

The most important thing is to check your oil if you want to ensure the tip-top shape of your car. If you do not check your car regularly you are taking a risk of losing your vehicle. You may end up replacing the entire engine and losing a lot of money on repairs.

The brakes

In order to check the level of the fluid of your brakes you need to find the reservoir usually located somewhere close to the brake booster or the main cylinder which is located at the upper part of the engine. You only need to take off the cap and read the level of the fluid. The fluid should be roughly around half of an inch from the max level. Also pay attention to any dirt or dust around the reservoir to keep the breaks working as best as they can.


Overused tires or the tires that are not inflated properly are causing a lot of accidences each year. That is why you constantly need to check if they are in a good shape. Every change in our atmosphere or an altitude change can change the pressure of the tires. It is not a bad idea to shuffle the position of your tires every 10000 miles. By learning defensive driving you will reduce the chances of having a malfunction while driving.


Check if you have any cables that are not attached correctly or got broken or burned over time. Make sure that the battery is attached correctly with the nuts tighten. Remove any dust or dirt that may have accumulated on the battery. It is very important to check both terminals for any corrosion. Any corrosion can damage the cars electronics or computer problems and shorten the life of your vehicle.


It is recommended to check the level of the coolant liquid and see if the outer side of the reservoir is close to the line that says ‘’full’’. If it is not full you can mix the water with the coolant until it reaches the top. You can find some coolants already mixed as you buy them in a store. You should never add a coolant to an engine that was previously hot. You should leave your car untouched for a few hours before you try refilling because it is dangerous to do otherwise. You can burn yourself or cause some other problems to your car.

By taking 15 minutes every month you can ensure that your car is well maintained and safe to drive. This will also save you some time and money by reducing the number of serious repairs.

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