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How to Study to be Topper?

top studentWho does not want to be the best? When it comes to school, we all wish we could be the top student in our classes and win all the awards. Well the good news is that becoming a top achiever is easy and within your reach. The best part of the story is that it is achievable without having to be a geek or the nerdy types.

The first step towards being a top student is that you have to work on your organization. It is very disheartening to look for stuff that you cannot find. Make sure that your school materials, books and pens are kept in a way that it is easy to find each item easily. This makes revision easy and accomplishing your study goals becomes fun.

This brings us to the second step, having goals. You cannot just read for the sake of reading. You have to set clear achievable study goals. Begin with aiming to study and fully understand one chapter in a certain subject and slowly progress to larger goals. It will be easy to study if you have a goal than when you study aimlessly. Revising class-work and the areas that you have covered n class should be done with the notes you took in class and additional material to enlighten you broadly on the subject.

Set aside a room for studying or if you do not have an extra room, set aside a certain area in your room for studying alone. Have a good table and comfortable chair for studying. Another thing you should not forget is exercise. Every hour of study should be followed by a minimum of 5 minutes of exercise. This will improve circulation and invigorate the brain to keep you going.

Ensure that you take good notes while in class. This does not mean writing all that the teacher or lecturer says. You only need to write down the main points said by the teacher and listen to their explanations. Good notes make it easy for you to revise. They also help you when you are seeking further information on the subject under study since they tell you the scope to which you can do wider reading. Do not lie to yourself that you can use other students’ notes and do effective studying.

There is no greater need for a student who aims to be at the top than time. Setting aside time for study is of outmost necessity. You may plan a lot but without the time to execute your plans and study, you will remain at the bottom of the list when the exam results are released. Time is an important resource and it needs to be utilized properly. You should ensure that you have adequate time to study. You should try two or three hour stretches daily and longer time spans during weekends.

There are some common mistakes that students do. First is immersing themselves into books at the last minute, usually a few weeks to exam time. Avoid this and stay on top of your game by doing continuous study throughout the term or semester. Ensure that the things studied in class are revised within reasonable time so that you will avoid the last-minute rush. During the end of the term when everyone is rushing to read and revise, books and other study resources will be scarce in libraries. Avoid this rush time by being a student who studies early and continuously.

Do not limit yourself by keeping records of what you have revised or not. If you study something and understand it, you will remember when you revisit the subject. In the event that you study something, revise it and still find yourself going back to it, it means then that you had not understood it the first time. It is better to spend your time on the subject and understand t than skip it and then find a question from that area in the exam. At the same time, if you realize a topic of study is too difficult for you, leave it and move on to another topic. You do not want to use too much time on a topic you will not understand either way. Know your limits.

The temptation to create a timetable for study is very enticing to many students. This is one of the things that lead to low morale to study and thereby lack of revision. The urge to study should come naturally from you and you will make time to study. If you are really interested in studying, you will make time and know what to study at what time. If you are not really interested in studying, you may go to your study room and read fantasy stories just to while away the time.

While these tips may not send you to the top immediately, you will find that your grades will improve with time and you will get that sought after smile on your face.

The author of this article is a freelance writer at Essay Jedi. She is a tutor and life coach by profession with several years of experience.

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