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7 Things Unemployment Can Teach You

UnemploymentWith jobs being scarcer, unemployment is a common dilemma in today’s time. While there are thousands of new graduates every year, the number of available jobs isn’t exactly growing.

Some are lucky to get a job right after graduation, while others are unfortunate enough to wait months and even years for it. There are those who settle for a job that doesn’t fit their college education. They reckon it’s better than nothing, and they end up spending months in a job they do not love. But others would rather be unemployed than get stuck in a job they will only learn to hate.

It’s not just fresh graduates who experience unemployment, too. Some have been working for years, but sudden changes in their industries can lead them jobless. It’s not a good place to be, especially when competing with young ones for the job.

Being unemployed isn’t the best thing that can happen to a person, but despite all the negativity, it’s definitely not the worst. If you take the time to reflect, there are actually lessons to be learned from unemployment.

1. Living without responsibilities isn’t always good.

There are days when staying in bed with just your pajamas feel like heaven. That’s when you start to wish that every day is like that. For unemployeds, it’s their daily life. It may feel great for the first few days, but if you still find yourself in that situation for the next few months, it doesn’t seem as amazing. Having responsibilities may be burdensome, but it makes you productive. The lack of it makes you lose insight, and eventually, purpose.

2. You have other skills besides the ones you learned in school.

When you’re starting to feel like the things you learned in school is suddenly not enough to land you a job, it’s then that you’ll start to look for your other strengths. Mix the things you learn in school and the stuff you pick up from the street, and you’ll be more competent than before.

3. Your parents really love you unconditionally.

Just imagine, they spend almost two decades supporting you through school. When they still welcome you home even though you’re already a graduate, it probably means they love you, right? They have already given you enough, and yet they are still willing to support you till you find your footing. When you lose your way, don’t be so surprised when it’s your parents who’ll accept and cheer you on.

4. Sitting around doing nothing is the fastest way to obesity.

Waking up late and sitting in front of the TV all day may seem like the perfect daily schedule, but you’ll find out soon enough that you no longer fit in your pants. Not having an office to frequent daily doesn’t give you the excuse to be a slob. So put on your running shoes and run before you gain more weight that you can no longer button your dress shirt.

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5. Reading a book is more fun if it’s not required.

School takes the fun out of many activities, including reading. When you run out of things to do when unemployed, pick a book, any book you want, and realize that reading one without any pressure makes the story a lot more interesting. It’s not just books, too. You’ll have a lot more appreciation for reading in general. And as you must know, reading has a correlation in improving your vocabulary and widening your perspective.

6. Comparing yourself to others is only okay if it motivates you to be better.

You’ll always hear people tell you that you must not compare yourself to others, but if you’re unemployed, you can’t help but do it. Suddenly, the people you eat lunch with are climbing the ranks in great companies, getting their essays published on national publications, being successful, etc. It’s difficult to look away, so while you’re at it, let them serve as an inspiration for you to get a job as quickly as possible. If they can do it, you can, too.

Putting yourself down is the best way to stay unemployed forever.

The last thing you can do is to throw yourself a pity party. Your time just hasn’t come yet, but it surely will. Finding a job that’s perfect for you may not be easy, but moping around and losing your faith in yourself help no one, especially not you. Rising to the challenge and not letting problem beat you down can definitely help you land a job. After all, no employer hires someone lacking confidence. So put your game face on, because that’s the only way you can say goodbye to unemployment.

Surely, you’ve committed some mistakes that lead to your unemployment. But this is not enough for you to stop trying and seeing the light in the tunnel. Let these mistakes help you prepare more for the application process. Unemployment may not be the highlight of your life, but if you look closely, there are lessons you can take with you whatever heights you may reach.

Dorothy Hunter is a dreamer and go-getter. She dabbles in social media but considers herself a writer, first and foremost. She blogs for the educational portal

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