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Why Is SEO Required For Personal Injury Lawyers?

injury lawyersThe internet is an increasingly vital tool in contemporary marketing. If businesses want to attract customers, they need to have a strong web presence so that people can find them. This applies to all sectors, including personal injury compensation. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an essential part of building a web presence and ensuring a business is well-positioned for the future.

So why do compensation claim lawyers need SEO? There are dozens of reasons – here are some of the main ones.

Improve Google PageRank for personal injury solicitors

When people want information about anything nowadays, Google is frequently their first port of call. If a person wants to understand the different factors involved in making a personal injury claim, they will often put their questions directly into Google, “How do I start making an accident at work compensation claim? If a company can manage to get to the top of the PageRank when that question is answered, then the potential client will probably click on their link and read some of their marketing messages. This could prompt them to use the company to pursue their claim.

Getting to number 1 in Google is a key ambition for many law practices. People who need solicitors could simply put “Burnley personal injury solicitors” into Google and click on the first one that comes up. The number 1 listing for that search term will funnel in a lot of traffic and a lot of custom compared with their competitors.

The only way to achieve a high Google PageRank is to invest in SEO. While the results will never be instant, they should be a part of every company’s long-term marketing strategy. Even when companies do not achieve the coveted top spot in Google, they can still see the number of visitors their site receives increase dramatically, significantly improving their bottom line.

Looking at the top page for ‘Personal injury compensation‘ might be daunting for small business owners. The companies on that page have undoubtedly invested hundreds of thousands of pounds into SEO in order to secure those positions. However, with bespoke link building and SEO campaigns, little companies can see their profits and budgets rise and can increase the amount of money they invest in SEO and marketing. Even the most difficult challenge is still possible with plenty of time and effort!

Engage with the public and with customers

While SEO strategies are primarily interested in increasing PageRank, they are also a great way to improve customer relations. The best SEO campaigns result in the creation of a lot of high quality content that potential clients will be interested in. Stronger SEO campaigns will involve blogging about this content, linking to it in social media feeds and encouraging conversation with clients and the public.

As a result, SEO helps personal injury lawyers communicate with the public and build relationships with new clients, helping to develop new business.

Demonstrate expertise in the personal injury compensation sector

SEO can also help a company to become seen as an expert in its field. Once an SEO campaign has found its feet, it tends to take off exponentially. Once SEO has helped a firm become established, journalists may contact it for quotes in stories about personal injury compensation, members of the public might communicate with it on Facebook and Twitter, and the solicitors practice can become established as an expert in its relevant field.

Best practice for personal injury solicitors’ SEO

Becoming visible in Google and other search engines is essential if businesses are to succeed. Companies should consider some of the following factors to ensure their SEO campaign is doing all it can do:

– Social media feeds should be continually updating and linking back to the personal injury solicitor’s main website

– External links should be developed that point to the main website

– The website should be continually updating with fresh, unique, relevant content

– All content should be engaging, well-written and SEO friendly

– As well as written content, personal injury lawyers should consider creating info graphics, videos and any other content that can be shared

Finally, solicitors or their SEO consultants should only use the best ‘white hat’ practices in their SEO campaigns. Google regularly updates its algorithms to penalise companies that use so-called ‘black hat’ practices. White hat SEO involves creating high-quality unique content on a regular basis, and having inbound links from high-quality websites. Black hat SEO is conducted by shadier companies and involves putting links on spammy websites and creating spammy, uninteresting content that is overloaded with keywords.

While black hat SEO may lead to a temporary increase in PageRank, in the long-term it can completely destroy a company’s online presence. Most online marketing experts advise clients that black hat SEO is a terrible waste of money and an awful idea.

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