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Facts and Misconceptions About Electronic Cigarettes

EcigsA patented version of electronic cigarettes was first introduced in the market in 1963, which was known as “non-tobacco and smokeless cigarettes.” In these cigarettes, heated Vapor replaced tobacco. The production of e-cigarette was stopped in late 1967.
However, Hon Lik, a pharmacist and inventor developed this product in 2003. One important ingredient to have replaced tobacco is electronic cigarette Vapor. Saffire Vapor is one such form of electronic cigarette Vapor. It has a variety of options when it comes to flavors as it has 50 options. It is touted as the best e-liquid in modern times. Since then, e-cigarettes have been much in talk and lot of rumors has spread about it.

Hence, it is of utmost necessity to separate the truth from false stories. Some of these misconceptions are as follows:

1) Electronic cigarettes are dangerous for teenagers:

There is a general misconception that e-cigarettes are a threat to teenagers or children. But it is not so. Research studies show that the average consumption of e-cigarettes is higher among adults than children or teenagers.

Usually, it is seen as a way to quit smoking. Hence, it lacks the “danger factor” that kids find appealing. Even if a child decides to buy an e-cigarette, it is not easily available on the net. Most of the times, it requires online transactions through credit cards. Since children are not in possession of credit cards, it becomes difficult for them to avail these products. Also, most of the kiosk vendors have a strict policy wherein they can only sell it to adults and not minors. Further, e-cigarettes are very costly ranging from $35-$100. As compared to this a normal cigarette pack costs $7-$10, which is feasible for children.

2) It is more addictive than regular cigarettes:

The belief that e-cigarettes are more addictive than regular cigarettes is completely false. Regular cigarettes contain high levels of tobacco and nicotine. This is responsible for addiction. E-cigarettes have no or small amount of nicotine. Though people like the aroma and flavors, it is not addictive.

3) It can cause cancer:

Statistics have shown that e-cigarettes are free from carcinogenic factors which are the cause of cancer. Even if it has carcinogenic factors, it is barely traceable. Such small quantities cannot cause cancer. Hence, it is just a rumor.

4) E-cigarette Vapor is threat to the bystanders:

As stated earlier, e-cigarettes have very small quantities of nicotine and carcinogenic elements, if at all they have these. Because of its almost absent quantities, it does not harm even the user, let alone the bystander. Moreover, e-cigarette Vapor does not behave in the same manner as tobacco smoke. Unlike tobacco cigarette smoke, there is no “side-stream Vapor”. And the other Vapor dissipates quickly. So there are very less chances that the bystander will inhale the smoke Vapor.

5) Electronic smoking leads to tobacco smoking:

Generally, there are different reasons for people to smoke. Some might smoke under the influence of peers or parents. For some, stress might be a contributing factor. Flavor is rarely a reason for people to start smoking. Also, because of the strict policy of the kiosk vendors and high start-up costs, e-cigarettes are not appealing to new smokers. So it is less likely that electronic smoking will lead to tobacco smoking.

6) The device might explode:

It is highly impossible that the e-cigarette device will explode while puffing it. It might cause a short circuit if the liquid is tinkered while charging or if appropriate battery is not used. To avoid such mishaps it is very crucial to read the instruction manual properly.

7) They are specifically meant for young people:

It is necessary to understand that the aim of e-cigarettes is not to be seen as a treatment for nicotine addiction. It only tries to provide a smoking option without the dangerous effects of nicotine and tobacco. When it comes to packaging, there is a general trend in advertising to package and advertise it in a way as to attract people. Same is the case with e-cigarettes.


E-cigarettes are indeed helpful for reducing the consumption of tobacco cigarettes. We should look at the positive aspects of these cigarettes and use them to bring about a positive change in the society.

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