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“Plastic Surgery Show” in New York

doctor Ramtin Kassir with girlNew York Fashion Week is one of the most highly desired events and people all over the world are coming there to see what styles will be in trend. This time it was absolutely different from what usually happens.

So is the plastic surgery is an art or it’s just a fashion?

One of the last shows of NY Fashion Week was visited by people with broad-ranging body types, nationalities, and ages. However, this time models showed not their costumes, but their plastic operations! Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir put together “Faces of Beauty” (the cosmetic surgery show), and featured women with puffy pouts and trimmed thighs walking down the podium. People also can have a look at “before” and “after” photos of their plastic surgeries. That was not an official show, but the press takes an independent stand.

The “designer” Dr. Ramtin Kassir, says that this event was made in order to show people the security of such operations and to break stereotypes connected with it. The concept and the main idea of this event were to treat cosmetic surgery as a fashion. Nevertheless, that was the assumption of press, not Ramtin Kassirs’ distinctly. Doctor Ramtin Kassir, as he said, wanted to show that not only Hollywood stars go under the knife and do such operations. Such operations are easily accessible to the general publiс’s review.

“Everywhere are trends. One of them is your clothes and another one is your body and your face,” Ramtin Kassir told the New York Daily News.

In order to show the public what operations were done, every model on the podium was accompanied by operation description. For instance: liposuction, implants, and rhinoplasty.

The show was divided into sections to highlight his body of work; every section was connected with the special operation: rhinoplasty, mini facelift, eye lift, liposuction, K-lift (it’s Kassir’s own trademarked specialty where he pulls up the skin around the chin without the need for anesthetics), injectables, and Otoplasty.

The models are not professionals in this sphere and they didn’t receive money for that, so they noted that that they took part in the show to repay Kassir, who gave them their looks.

Of course, not every Ramtin Kassir’s client took part in this event. All the models were cast by him, namely, and all of them expressed their wish to work as a model and to walk down the podium. Some people refused this, and it’s easy to understand them, because not everyone is able to show his former appearance.

After the show, Dr. Kassir thanked to his patients for their enthusiasm and their pride, achieved during the process of plastic surgery transformation. “It’s an honor to change lives in such positive way,” said Ramtin Kassir.

Dr. Kassir wanted to make plastic surgery less Hollywood and more New York.

However, some people were disaffected with such a show. One of the contradictors is the founder of the popular event – Fern Mallis. He stated that Fashion Week Show mustn’t include the show of plastic surgery. The other opponents charged Ramtin Kassir with sending out the wrong message.

About Ramtin Kassir:

Dr. Ramtin Kassir is one of the best facial plastic surgeons in New Jersey and New York. His practice has begun in 1997; he combines his talent with his perfect technical skills to achieve natural and beautiful results for his patients.

Dr. Kassir is the director of the Mona Lisa Cosmetic Surgery Center with locations in Wayne New Jersey, Ridgewood, New Jersey, Park Ave New York; also he is a former chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Wayne, New Jersey.

Dr. Kassir has a great experience in the fields of facial plastic, laser surgery, and endoscopic surgery. Dr. Kassir is a featured expert on regarding septoplasty. He was also chosen as the “Surgeon of the World.”

As for me, this show met the expectations. This is a new variant of New York Fashion Week, where not only new trends were shown, but new people with new appearances, and, naturally with new lives. Of course, there always will be a lot of critics, saying that this show mustn’t be in such format, but happy eyes of the participants and of the audience say the opposite.

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