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3 Sure-Fire Ways to Earn a Scholarship Abroad

scholarsStudying in a foreign country is the stuff dreams are made of. Packing your bags and leaving to be a foreign student sounds so chic and smart. Then you wake up and realize that it’s also not cheap and can definitely wipe out your savings.

Some people stop dreaming once they realize how much it costs, but there’s one thing an aspiring foreign student can do. Even though the fees may be stiff and the cost of living too high, they can always apply for a scholarship. The thing is, it’s never easy to get accepted into a scholarship.

First, the competition is stiff especially for a full scholarship. There are hundreds to thousands of students wishing to get a grant. Another problem is your qualification. Even if there are few competitors, it’s still important that you prove your worth as a future scholar. They’ll be paying for your tuition and sometimes, even give you allowance for your living expenses. You need to show that you deserve that scholarship.

It all sounds intimidating and possibly impossible, but gaining a scholarship grant is very probable. It’s actually in your control! By expanding your horizon and adding beef to your application, getting a scholarship is highly possible.

Attend educational fairs

Though an online search can probably lead you to some great scholarship opportunities, attending academic fairs is the best way you can grab your chance on studying abroad. Here, you can attend seminars held by different universities and even learn about the application process. Specifically watch out for educational fairs attended by major universities from other countries. Sometimes, countries like Australia even hold their own fairs.

What’s great about going to academic fairs is how you can directly ask the school about their scholarship programs. After the seminar, you can roam around the booths set up by different schools and have individual consultations. Ask away especially about scholarships. You can even ask for advice on how you can boost your chances such as which program best fits your background and academic plans.

Create an outstanding academic research

If you’re still an undergraduate, then start planning in advanced. One important thing you need to include in your application is a pretty good academic paper. Be it a simple research you wrote for you majors or even the major research you did for you course, it can give you a great leverage if it’s something that shows your prowess as a student. If you can get published in an academic journal, then all the better.

There are applicants who are granted full scholarships for submitting their undergraduate research. You may be wondering why it gives such an advantage. It’s because it showcases not just your knowledge but your thorough understanding of your field and your researching skills. These are characteristics academic institutions want their students to possess.

Have a thorough plan for your graduate studies

Another essential part of your scholarship application is your academic plans. In the form you’re required to fill up, you’ll be asked about what you aspire to do in school. You can’t answer that over night. You need to have a clear and thorough idea of what you want to do. And that takes a lot of planning.

You may have a charm that’s palpable in interviews, but applying for a scholarship abroad requires you to be charming in paper, too. Don’t cram your application the night before the deadline. Consult with previous professors and even your boss on how you can write the best application ever. Do it step by step and conduct necessary research. It’s your ticket to that scholarship, you can’t just wing it.

What’s next?

Once you’ve set your eyes on a country or a school, it’s time to get working. Plan it months before so you won’t miss a single requirement. It’s also essential that you send requests for a recommendation letter in advanced. Make a checklist so you won’t miss out anything. You’re at the most crucial step: finishing your application.

This may be one of the most taxing things you have to do. But once you’re cramming in a library in London or learning a foreign language in Japan, it will definitely be worth every effort.

Author’s Bio: Ella Myers is a proof-reader and blogger for Bestessays. She’s about to embark in the adventure of her life by studying in Spain next spring.

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