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90 Seconds To Improve Your Health!

stopwatchIt’s amazing, but you will need only 90 seconds to eat an apple, add nuts to your salad or stretch muscles. Just imagine of the positive points you will receive.

Just imagine, you do not have to go to the hospital, make health-improving procedures and go for a massage. At the same time your immune system remains stronger than stone walls, the smile is white as snow and the heart works well. Moreover, you spend just 90 seconds to be healthy.

This is faster than the advertising block on TV. Interesting? First of all you should forget about the popular myth of the day: adhering to a healthy lifestyle requires time. Actually, you won’t have to spend too much time. Yes, physical exercises are still important, and spending 7-8 hours sleeping is crucial for a healthy look. Yet, leading experts know very simple and amazingly quick ways to feel and look better.

Take care of your smile

Passionately kiss your beloved person! It’s not a joke! Dentists say that kissing each other activates the secretion of saliva in the mouth, which cleans your teeth and washes away bacteria. Passionate kisses become enemies of great and terrible caries.

Protect the stomach

Watch the temperature in the refrigerator. If the index is about 40 °F or higher, your food is in danger, since at this temperature bacteria start breeding.

Every year, millions people who love cheese, salads with mayonnaise and cakes go to hospitals with food poisoning. One of the reasons is an improper storage conditions. Refrigerators have a temperature indicator. Watch that it shows sufficiently low temperature.

Forget about the headache

Keep your posture. It is even more useful for those who work at the computer or like to write smart essay. It won’t take much time to change the position. Uncomfortable posture often causes headaches, though not many people actually pay attention to this fact. If your head is tilted forward, the neck is not in one line with the spine, the nerves and muscles at the base of the skull are pressed and cause discomfort. In order to get rid of annoying headache do three easy actions:

  • Just think of a string going from your head to the ceiling. Remember that you can’t get off this line.
  • Check if your ears are in one line with the shoulders.
  • Put a reminder on your phone and control every 30 minutes if you are doing two above mentioned rules.

Soon you will learn to choose the right position without phone reminding.

Slow down time

Breathe the scent of lavender and rosemary. These floral fragrances will give you a deep sleep at night and settle your nerves in the afternoon. Moreover, experiments show that lavender and rosemary dam up one’s rage. The participants of the experiment were breathing lavender and rosemary scent during 5 minutes and their anger vanished. The level of the stress hormone (cortisol) decreased by 24%.

Try aroma oils. They will definitely help you to get rid of getting nervous for nothing. That’s great, because stress increases blood pressure and weakens the immune system. Incidentally, the aroma of lavender and rosemary are successfully fighting with free radicals (molecules hastening aging and disease development). Scientists claim that the radicals leave the body quickly with the help of aroma oils.

Strengthens the rear

Eat a bowl of porridge during the advertising block. Whole grains are useful, they can really prolong your life. People eating porridge eleven times per week reduce 3 times the risk of diabetes, asthma and heart disease.

Make your choice in favor of oatmeal, brown rice, brown bread, whole-grain cereals, and popcorn. Doctors insist on eating porridge since whole grains preserve the biological activity of the plant. Thus, securing life in themselves, plants bring life to those who eat them.

Build muscles

Do gymnastics. It is not necessary to attend a fitness club or invite a personal coach. In order to be flexible, graceful and pliable regular stretching will be enough. Stretching will also increase the strength of your legs.

Those who liked to lie on the couch were offered to do stretching 5 times a week. Scientists measured their flexibility and strength of femoral muscles at the beginning and at the end of the experiment. There were no exceptions: all participants became stronger and more flexible. Instead of switching the channels while waiting for the end of the advertising block, make a short session of exercises. Your muscles will be glad to do stretching.

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