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The Peaceful and Serene ‘Sleeping Goddess’ in England

You have mostly observed the strange and shocking places in the world. There are some places which look somewhat artificial and non-engaging. Only few places have the abilities to stun the nerves greatly. I heard about the about of England so I visited there many times. But this time I was going to capture something really shocking.

sleeping goddess englandActually this was a photo of art work and beautiful place as well. Yes I am taking about the most serene and peaceful ‘sleeping Goddess’ at lost gardens of England. This was really amazing and consisted of natural beauty. By observing it carefully I realized it a great and spectacular wonder of nature.

Historical Facts about Lost Gardens:

First of all I hired a guide to explore some facts about the place who told me that Lost Gardens are most famous botanical garden located in UK. Lost Gardens are created by members of Cornish Tremayne family. These were created from 18th century to 20th century. Actually these were occupied by Tremayne family in 16th century and some early members of Caroline family were responsible for the creation of Heligan house. Then first world began, and people totally neglected the gardens and only little restoration took place in 1990. The garden was highly productive and confined with vegetables.

Sleeping Goddess:

The most wonderful and attractive piece of art was ‘sleeping Goddess’ in the lost gardens. That was looking as natural as it was a gentle creation of member of Cornish family. That was a lady sleeping at the right direction and all features were looking like a complete women. It was fully created with lush green grass. Its head was covered up with long green ferns and whole body was covered with small ferns. I immediately captured its photos from different angles and thought to print photographs with cheap canvas prints.

That was an amazing piece of art and definitely a wonderful addition for my small photo gallery. Sleeping Goddess was lying on grass fields at the central area of gardens. The garden was also equipped with camellias and other wild plants. Some tree fern were quite long and made the area ‘jungle’. There were two figures which were made up by plants and rocks are called Mud maid and Giant’s head. The area was heavily covered up with long and wild plants because now there is no one to take proper care of this garden.

I observed that mostly people were calling ‘Sleeping Goddess’ a sleeping beauty. And some people feel scare to come close to it. Some children and youngsters were watching it interestingly and captured photos with her. I also thought to capture my photos with sleeping Goddess and for making it more awesome I thought to preserve the photos on custom canvas prints. My friends and family really appreciated the photos and it was a great item to remember and treasured for a long time. I think it would be included soon in wonders of world as it really deserves to be.

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