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[Infographic] Real Estate Data For The United States In 2012

As per the real estate data in October 2013, certain cities in the United States were ideal to make an investment into. The cities which scored the maximum points were Detroit-MI and Stockton-Lodi, CA with an average of 44.33% and 40.80% respectively.

Other cities include those in CA like Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-Lompoc, Fresno, Oakland, San Diego etc; Reno, NV; Las Vegas NV-AZ(NV) and others. The cities which were considered to be the least favorable were South Bend, IN and Akron, OH, scoring -7.93% and -7.79% respectively. Other places which came under this category were Trenton, NJ, Albany, NY, Springfield IL, Lexington, KY and others.

The cities which had a lot of activity in their real estate markets were Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Houston, Boston , New York, Las Vegasand others. Besides these, the cities in US which remained inactive were Cidar Rapids, Stockton, Tyler, Springfield, Santa Barbara, Columbiaetc.

The demand for property remained highest in cities like Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, Denver, Stockton, Washington, Sacramento etc , while that for South-SC, Wilmington, Naples, Santa Fe, Mobile-Al and other cities following that direction remained desolated.
The purchase of property proved to be highly expensive in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Honolulu, San Jose and Oakland. While cities like Akron, Toledo, Fort Wayne, Dayton-Springfield and South Bend came down to be the cheapest.

real estate data of US 2012 infographic

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Real Estate Market Overview for October 2013

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