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How to Impress the Robot Recruiter and Land for an Interview

robot recruiter 1Many companies now a days are using machines or screening process to determine whether a candidate is fit to work in the specific organization or not . The process is largely adopted by big conglomerates where the number of applications received by the recruitment department is huge and going through each and every application becomes a mind-numbing task.
It has been off lately revealed that 95% of the big companies and 50% of the mid-sized companies make use of application tracking system. The tracking gadget look for specific keywords, dates, titles and other pertinent information on the applicant’s resume and the one matching to the requirement criteria is picked, where rest go entirely discarded.
The selection criteria may seem to be little unjustified as most of the competent resumes go unnoticed but in the fiercely competitive arena, companies don’t waste much of their time and energy in reading all the applications. They need quick solutions. Therefore it becomes essential for the job applicants to create a compelling resume that complies with the automation process and facilitates easy tracking system.

Here are some essential Do’s and Don’ts which a job aspirant ought to remember before comprising on the final resume.


• Use the Job Description Keyword: – New resume filtering technologies apply that old techniques are not in vogue any more. If your resume got kicked off so many times from the selection criteria, the reason is probably you designed it for the human eye and not for the robot eye. The latest technique adopted by the companies is called “Applicant Tracking System” which makes selection on the basis of specific job related keywords. The first thing you should do as an aspirant is to find out the related keywords to the job profile you are aiming at. You can take help from internet to get sorted list of such keywords and try to comprehend them in your resume. Also make an executive summary and bulleted list of skills and qualifications.

• Put your contact: –

Contact information is very important. If ATS selects your resume, the very next second it searches for the contact information and first place it reads your contact details is at the top of the resume. Mention all the contact details and avoid it placing somewhere in the last or middle.

• Fonts to Use: –

Remember your resume should reflect quality work. Don’t overlay it with words and different styles. Use web standard fonts as in Arial, Tahoma and Verdant. They help in better search. Do the spell checks and scrutinize for punctuation marks.

• Upload it Straight in to the System: –

Don’t go for copying and pasting, instead write it carefully, read it with critical eye and then upload it straight in to the system.

What is the need?

robot recruiter 2

With robots now reading your resume, aspirants need to be very careful with the type of the format adhered to and the words inserted. Though not much of the changes have been added, yet the aspirants need to be mindful. Remember “Job description”, “Date” and “Work Title” should be given heed.

ATS has eliminated many challenges which were encountered by the employers in selecting right candidates. It was researched that around 114 job aspirants apply for entry level jobs and around 89 aspirants apply for professional job positions. In fact some big companies like Google receive around 75,000 jobs per week. Matching each and every application with human eye is a herculean task.

It was revealed off lately that each time a new employee hired cost around $34789 to a company, a wrong recruitment can hit them hard with wastage of time and efforts.


robot recruiter 3Stick to one page resume: – Don’t feel forced to stick to one page resume. ATS don’t care about the length and number of pages chosen. In fact the longer the resume more, better are the chances.

Fancier Formatting: –

If you are under a habit of making your resume fancier then avoid it. Make it simple and dodge any designs and style fonts.

Abbreviations: –

Don’t use abbreviations. They give a wrong impression. For instance use “Manager” instead “Mgr”

Tables and Graphics: –

Don’t use any tables and graphics. Keep the resume straight forward and simple and make sure that you do not submit a PDF file.

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