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They Want You: Eight Ways Companies are Attracting Employees

companies attracting employeesJust as employees are looking for decent companies to work for, decent companies are looking for good employees, and many companies are pulling out all of the stops when it comes to attracting and keeping top talent. Here are six ways companies are attracting employees:

Competitive Pay

More and more, companies are doing their research on what an industry’s average pay is, and the companies that are hiring and looking to retain high-quality employees are willing to match, or in some cases even exceed, that pay. A big mistake companies often make is basing salary on a budget rather than on the reality of the economy. A company that wants to succeed is one that will offer you a competitive wage for the position you’re seeking, so skip the low-ballers and keep your eyes open for the company with whom you’ll hit paydirt.

Stability & Advancement

The majority of serious job hunters are looking fora career, not a temporary gig or a job in which there’s no potential for advancement. Make it clear to potential prospects that you offer employees the opportunity to move up the ladder. Highlight the benefits of the position you’re offering, such as the opportunity to learn new skills and network with valuable industry insiders. Laying out the future possibilities for the position you’re offering will go a long way in bringing valuable employees to your company.

Medical Coverage

Personal health insurance can be expensive to maintain but one of the surefire ways to attract a gold-star employee is to offer an excellent benefits package. Offer health insurance coverage at the very least and, if possible, provide dental coverage and life insurance coverage, even though these two policies require extra premiums.

Promotional Products

In cases where you’ll be physically set up at a location for prospects to find you, such as at a job fair or a networking event, eye-catching signage and the like is often what it takes for someone to give you more than a passing glance. Promotional items, such as travel mugs and insulated thermoses, are always surefire winners. These promotional products can be imprinted with your company’s logo and contact details so every time they are used by employees, you gain marketing exposure. Look for custom drinkware options that enable you to use your company colors and add your company –logo. This way, even if the prospect walks away without leaving an application, he’ll have something to remember you.

Lifestyle & Entertainment Offerings

Today, more companies are thinking outside-of-the-box in terms of how to keep their employees happy. Miniature golf courses, spa days and regularly planned events such as casual Fridays, barbecues and holiday get-togethers are a great way to boost employee morale.


Get creative with your perks. Don’t mind a little pet hair? Encourage employees to bring their (well-behaved) dogs to work every so often. Got an extra floor? Install a gym or workout area. Are you located within the city? Consider an in-house childcare servicefor employees with children. On site cafeteria with free food is a huge plus for many as it gives employees something less to worry about. These perks are real employee-catchers.


People want to be proud of the place they work, so a good if a company has a good reputation they will be more likely to want to work there. If a company wants to attract the best employees it is best to make sure you are handling your reputation with class and professionalism.


Great employees will be more likely to be interested in your company if they are aware of the ability to be creative in their job. Advertise to potential employees that you are interested and opened to new ideas. People with vision and creative will be happier with a job where they are able to flex their creative muscles rather than having fantastic pay. Remember that after advertising that you are open to creative vision you have to actually do well on your word. This can be done by making sure management is always opening to hearing new ideas or by having meetings with the purpose of listening to ideas.

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