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Top Needful Tracking Apps That Can Keep Your Children Safe Online

Children Safe OnlineWith the boost of technology, the Internet stands out as today’s very influential and widely use tool and channel that allows children to learn, explore, create, communicate, laugh and have fun. Many of the young children nowadays are being exposed to the use of this tool on which they can access easily on their computers or mobile devices. A lot of children are now becoming hooked and widely engage in different online activities. It is a great challenge then for every parent on how to keep their children safe and free from the probable undesirable risks that the Internet may bring to these children.

Hence, to be able to keep things and situation in order, monitoring the online security of your children can be of great value with NetSpy Software. To face the challenge, you may want to make use today’s advancement. Here are the top needful tracking apps that can keep your children safe online


This is one of the many apps today that helps to monitor and regulate how the Internet is being utilized on a certain device. This application, like the other parental control apps allows you to view the Internet’s history usage on your child’s computer or cell phone. This also lets you the access to time control as well as blocking certain malicious sites. The app also has a filter feature that restricts connection to the sites that’s not been specifically blocked, based on the URL keywords.

A distinguish feature that K9 Web Protection has is that when there is someone who is trying to sneak at the identified blocked websites, you will be notified. All you need to do to have it functioning is to set up its sound alert. Another thing is that you can when there’s a multiple or consecutive attempts in trying to access blocked sites, accessing to the Internet will be disable for a time.


This is a parental control application which is set at default for devices having Windows 8 as the operating system. To make it work well, create a separate account in the device which your children can use. In creating a certain account intended for your child, just check on the appropriate box that says “account belongs to a child”. You will be then can set up parameters or restrictions on the account, these may include time limits, web filtering, and app restrictions as well.

It would be more advantage if ever you are using a device which operates on Windows 8 as you’ll have the privilege of flexible manner of checking on your children’s Internet usage regardless of where you are. Knowing what your child is doing or been up to online, you’ll get peace of mind.


This application includes of course the basic tools that are being used to block undesirable websites. Aside from that, it allows you to keep track of what is happening on your Internet connection. If you have teenagers, expect that they don’t have the same interest sites as to your young ones, hence there’s no need to put them on the same ground. Just like other parental control applications, Cyber Patrol gives you the liberty to opt for restrictions that may suitably apply to particular groups/ages, thus everyone can browse the Internet and do activities online in a way that perfectly matches their maturity level.

Such great feature of the app is that it is not only bound in protecting and keeping your children away porn sites and other sites that may distract them but it goes beyond this. It has a filtering option that filters sites with rude and violent contents in such a way that it protects your children from nasty images and bad words.

The above mentioned parental control applications contain different features but with one aim – provide safety. Moreover, to help you keep your children safety online, let this be known that Netspy has its own share of helping you best to keep track with things going online. Security and safety is what our spyware can highly guarantee.

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