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Do You Like Money? 5 Big-Time Law Careers

Law CareersIf you’re looking for a career that is self-fulfilling and, at the same time brings in a generous paycheck, a career in the Law field may be what you’re looking for. Not only is the law field a great choice for self-fulfillment and real money-making potential, but the career options in this world are extensive.

You may have the perception that in this line of work you are confined to only working in an office, behind a desk, or in a court room presenting cases in front of a judge all the time, but this is not “the case”. Explore your options, for there are many, and cater your education path to an area where you want to expand your horizons and end up with a career that you, both, love and are good at.

Criminal Law

This is probably the most fascinating of all law careers. You get help in putting the bad guys behind bars and also ensuring the good guy sees some sort of justice. There might be that one person who is suspected of committing a murder but is innocent. Someone could be accused of rape or robbery or assault. There are a multitude of cases that you can take on, and some of them are as simple as a traffic violation. Even more specifically, a DWI lawyer represents those who make the mistake of driving while drinking or taking illegal drugs, leaving them impaired and dangerous behind the wheel.

Patent Law

Have you ever wondered why there are no two companies or products with the same name? There might be items with similar names and designs, but because of the patent attorney, companies normally have their own unique name in the word of business. If someone wants to try to take that name away, then the patent lawyer comes into play. As a patent attorney, you will work on behalf of the company to make sure the name does not get used. This is perhaps one of the highest paid careers in the field.

Real Estate

When someone sells a home or business, the person usually needs an attorney. In this area, you will do title searches, write up deeds and make sure the buying process goes smoothly for both parties. It does not involve as much work as some other areas, but it can be rewarding to see someone who desperately needs to sell a piece of land sign over the title. Some real estate attorneys also create wills for people thinking about the future and the future of their family.


What better way to voice your opinion than by being a judge? If you are someone who likes being in charge and feel like you have the mental toughness and clarity to make fair and unbiased decisions, then this is the career for you. Judges help decipher who is guilty and who is not by eliminating or bringing to light all possible motives and facts. Judges also help define the laws in their perspective district. Being under the limelight, even a judges personal life would need to be in order and respectable. Most states require that you be on a rotating schedule so that all of the judges have an equal chance at being on the bench.

District Attorney

In any given district or county, this is possibly the most important position in the court room. The district attorney brings charges from the state against criminals. Therefore, the DA (District Attorney) represents the state in regards to any wrongs done against it. This position does not just apply to the state, but to counties as well. In a district, the District Attorney is the at the top of the food chain when it comes to law enforcement officers. You have to be organized and pay attention to detail. This positions carries with it a lot of responsibility, which in turn means stress. Don’t get me wrong, the fulfillment of this career is almost unmatched and the satisfaction that you’re actually making a difference is more than rewarding.

Whether you work for a small office or as a prominent member of society, the law field is a wonderful area to work. There are numerous jobs available, and you can find something that will not only be pleasing to your wallet but pleasing to your heart and mind. Do some research before making a final decision, and put forth the best effort possible into the choice you make.

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