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The Eleven Biggest Financial Mistakes People Make

Financial Mistakes

Biggest Financial Mistakes

When dealing with personal finances, most people make serious errors that hurt their future. Luckily, when understanding what those mistakes are, one can avoid them and be ahead of the game. Here are the six biggest financial mistakes that people routinely make.

Bad credit

With a low credit score, one will have a hard time borrowing money and, in some cases, finding a job. Unfortunately, most people discover the problem when it is too late, and suffer serious consequences. However, with time, one can clean up their report and enjoy a high score which will enable them to borrow money with ease. When looking for help, one should research and check out Lexington Law reviews as they can help a client fix their credit.

Monthly bills

After landing a job, some people run out and get expensive cable and a huge cell phone bill. Instead, a person should slowly ramp up their spending and save more money as it is hard to get ahead when a person spends their income on expensive luxuries.


When buying a home, some rush out and spend more than they can afford. Instead, a consumer should buy a fixer-upper and make it into their dream house. By avoiding crippling mortgage payments, one can invest and save money for the future with ease.


Plenty of individuals rush out and buy a expensive vehicle. While this is a nice luxury, it is an expensive one that will keep a person in debt for years. Ideally, a person should buy a lightly used vehicle and keep it for 10 years.


When in love, some people marry a partner with incompatible financial views. At first, this will not cause problems, but it will in a few years. Unless an individual changes their outlook or habits, it is difficult or two people to have a bright financial future together when they do not agree on everything.

Inadequate insurance

In a bid to save money, some homeowners do not have enough insurance. While a person can get away with this for a few years, it will not work in the long run. In fact, after one disaster occurs, an individual can get wiped out by bankruptcy and will take years to recover.

Overpriced Insurance

Insurance is something everyone needs to be paying. Whether it be health, home, or life insurance it is a necessity that could save you a lot of money in the long run. With that said, many people are overpaying for insurance. There are several ways you can lower your monthly payments. One way is by checking to make sure you aren’t paying for services you don’t need.

Tax Breaks

Tax time comes around every year and while there are some obvious tax breaks many people take advantage of there are also many tax breaks people are completely unaware of. It may be worth your time to look into other hidden tax breaks.

Paying Full Price

Paying full price for items such as food, clothes, and other necessities can drain your pocket book quickly. For things you don’t need right away, wait till they go on sale. For other items try using coupons or buying off brand products. It may be tempting to buy something as soon as you see it, but taking a little time to find the same product for less money will add up and you will have more money saved in your account.

Family Accountant

Many families have one person take charge of the finances. While it can be a good idea for the most detail oriented and financial savvy person take charge of the finances it can also lead to problems. If something were to happen to that person then taking care of the finances could become very difficult. Make sure two people know where the checkbook is and where the money is going.

No Budget

People often budget in things like rent, electric bills, etc…, but for non-essentials most people don’t create a limit. It is wise to make sure you budget things like clothes, going out to eat, and other non-essentials so you don’t end up spending too much on these things.

When a person can avoid these common pitfalls, they will be on their way to financial success. Fortunately, one will not have difficulty with this strategy.

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