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6 Ways to Find Out Whether Your Partner Is Honest With You

partner is honestIf you feel like your partner is lying to you and you might be a victim of adultery the first thing that come to mind is divorce. If your worst thought have come true then getting proof of your partner’s adultery can be very useful during divorce or child custody battles.

Keep in mind that catching a cheating spouse could be more difficult than you think. Most of them are very careful in deleting all traces from computers or their phones, but if you have that feeling that something’s wrong then you deserve answers. Avoid those sleepless nights worrying about your future or thinking about the lies you’re being told and find out the truth. Here is some advice on how to monitor your partner and get proof if you are a victim of adultery.

Hidden cameras

There is a wide range of small hidden cameras that also work as video recorders, which are completely undetectable. They are usually hidden in a small pinhole and perfect for getting proof end exposing your partner. These cameras are embedded in a lot of different items your partner might use or wear, like sunglasses, caps, pagers, mobile phones, purses, belts, backpacks, watches, pens and much more. These little cameras will be your eyes in situations when you’re not with your partner. Everything he or she does and see you will also see and record, thus getting all the proof you need.

Audio Recorders

Like the mentioned spy digital cameras and video recorders you can find a lot of every day products which have these small audio recorders built in. You can find them in objects like lighters, sunglasses, key chains, pens and many other items you use in your house. You also have the option of buying a small handheld recorder with a large storage disk that you can place in your partner’s office or car so you can record every conversation your spouse makes. This way you can find out when your husband for example talks with his mistress and have the proof of their infidelity.

Long-range listening devices

Long-range listening devices are the best way to record audio if you decide to follow your partner to get the proof you need. Photos or video recordings from hidden cameras could not be enough for a clear audio recording so having an additional sound recorder could be a good idea. Listening devices are also a great way to record phone conversations when your partner sneaks out into another room or outside to make a secret call. There are great choices because they can capture sound at long distances and can even record sound through walls.

GPS locating devices

GPS locators and trackers are a great way to find out about your partner’s whereabouts. This way you can always find out if they are on the place they tell you, or monitor all the places your partner went to. These devices can make it easy to catch a cheating partner, because you will know if your partner is visiting the same house when he says he’s somewhere else. This is a lot less risky than following your partner – you simply sit at home and watch your partner’s every move on your computer. There are a lot of small GPS trackers on the market, which you can attach to your partner’s car or put it in one of his or hers pockets.

Cell phone spy software

Spy software for mobile phones is probably the best way to monitor your partner and get the proof you need to confront him. These spy apps like mSpy ( are installed on your partner’s phone and used to monitor and record all the information from that phone on a secured web server only you can access. Since mobile phones are used today for all types of communication the chances are that all the proof you need is on your partner’s phone. With a cell phone spy app mSpy you can see call logs and even listen to all calls, read all sent and received text messages, see stored photos and videos, monitor internet activity and instant messengers and locate the phone via GPS. It’s like having all state of the art spy tools in one place.

Computer spy software

Like mobile phones, computers all also full of proofs of your partner’s infidelity. With the popularity of social networking and internet messengers monitoring your partner’s internet activities could be all you need to find out the truth. These software solutions let you find out your partner’s passwords, their emails, web sites they visit, chat messages and more. All these information are recorded so you can access them whenever you feel like it.
These advices can be very useful to catch your unfaithful partner but only if you use them properly. Always be discrete and don’t draw any unwanted attention. Trust your instincts and if you feel that your partner is cheating on you start getting proof and confront him.

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