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Eight Companies with a Reputation for Stellar Customer Service

companies reputationCustomer service is one of the most important and memorable reasons to either revisit or never return to a company. According to mindshare enterprise feedback management system, when we feel like we are cared for and taken care of, that makes a great impression. Here are 5 companies with some of the best reputations for great customer service:

1. Publix Super Market

This Southeastern grocery store is one of the highest in its field for customer service satisfaction. Their return policy is cheerfully administered, the passionate employees are well treated, and their food is delivered on time in top condition with current and popular items that the public clamors for. With an upbeat atmosphere, dedicated employees, an honorable reputation, and a clean and well-stocked store, Publix has a dependable consistency that keeps its customers coming back again and again.

2. Kohl’s

As far as department stores go, Kohl’s is at the top of the charts. This welcoming store has one of the best hassle-free return policies for any customer. You can even get compensation for an item you bought without a receipt, whether it’s in the form of an exchange, Kohl’s credit, or a refund. A great place to work, the employees exude a charm and helpfulness that is inviting yet not invasive. Not to mention the clearance racks where you can get ever-changing quality outfits at rock-bottom prices!

3. Apple

This electronic store has one of the best reputations of customer service around. Time after time you can find testimonies of speedy service, helpfulness and satisfaction. The Apple employees work for an innovative leader who always works to improve the quality of their products, and the salespeople can be counted on to help any problem of their consumers very simply and straightforwardly, with little to no hassle or complications. At Apple, every customer feels like the most important part of the job.

4. Toyota Motor Corporation

Everyone who comes here is delighted not just in getting a new car, but due to the complete attentiveness from the employees at Toyota to completely respect the customer and put them first. Their customer service slogan being “pure logic and pure respect” is accomplished through the quality of reliability and the method of having employees respond appropriately after considering the perspective of the customer.

5. Southwest Airlines Co.

Airports can be stressful and confusing, and experiencing bad customer service only increases that negativity. But you never get that with Southwest Airlines! This company’s philosophy is that they are “in the customer service business- they just happen to fly airplanes”. Screening employees based on attitude is a method for keeping up that mantra, and training workers to treat customers like friends and family is only one of many reasons why their quality of service surpasses that of other airlines.

6. Whole Foods

Whole Foods has been the leader in health food stores for years and great customer services is one of the reasons.  Amongst its great customer service it is also one of the most socially responsible companies as well as one of the best companies to work for. It is no wonder that Whole Foods has been growing so rapidly in recent years.

7. Disney

Disney world is known as ‘the happiest place on earth’ and millions visit to witness the magic and happiness each year. Employees at the Disney theme parks are called ‘cast members’ and are instructed that their behavior is supposed to add to the magic of the place. This policy has added to the great atmosphere and satisfaction of the customers. Disney’s reputation recently had them names by Forbes as America’s most reputable company.

8. Procter and Gamble

P&G is the company behind such products as Tide, Gillette, Olay, Old Spice, Charmin, and the list goes on and on. With a hoard of products that people use every day they have certainly gained customer loyalty to many of their brands and reports show that customers report high satisfaction. On the other side, employees also show happiness and satisfaction with their employer.

As you can see from these companies, good customer service is not lost. The next time you have a great experience with an employee, let the company know. Your opinion counts.

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