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Tips & Tricks to Manage the Content That Comes Through Our Home

manage the contentWhen children are in the house, it is not complete without desktops, laptops, tablets and video game consoles. I have a seven-year-old daughter who received an email address from her school. She is thrilled to know that she can send an email to her mom, dad, grandparents and friends in school.

Since my work involves the creation of websites and my family and friends as me to help them with anything related to computers, our children are well-versed when it comes to technology and computers. Due to this, I am trying to reduce their interest instead of encouraging it to protect them as much as I can.

It is not easy to keep track of what your children can view online. Although many children follow the instructions of their parents, there are instances when they inadvertently access something inappropriate online.

A number of important points are underlined by the online safety policy of schools, which have been ingrained in the minds of the children. These points include the following:

  • Not to reveal personal information such as phone number, address, school, and similar personal data
  • Not to share pictures to strangers
  • Talk to the teacher about anything they encounter online
  • Being aware that it is considered acceptable if they are shown some things that may be considered bad

Parental Control Programs will prevent most inappropriate and damaging content from being displayed on the computer. This program provides parents the capability of setting and modifying limitations on the sites their children can access.

Parental Control Programs can do the following:

  • Filter online content and prevent access to sites showing inappropriate content.
  • Implement limitations to the time their children can spend online
  • Monitor sites that children can view and attempt to access
  • Provide a report on the sites used by their children

These controls are user-friendly and will take less than ten minutes to set up.

A number of parental control packages are available online if the internet service provider does not offer these features. These packages may require a fee while others are free-of-charge. It is essential to check online reviews to know whether the company providing these packages is reliable. This can be done by typing the product name together with the word “reviews” on Google. Mac and Windows computers also feature parental control features that can activate for each device.

It is also possible to limit the videos that can be viewed on YouTube. Parents can do the following for each device

  • Visit the homepage of YouTube
  • Scroll to the bottom and check the “Safety: On” or “Safety: Off” button
  • Make sure that the button is turned on and set the safety mode for the browser.
  • Save the settings by logging into Google
  • The steps should be followed for all browsers

Parents can also use a mobile phone monitoring and tracking program so that they will know the activities of their children. The mSpy application – offers an undetectable range of communication features that can be used on a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile phones are essential in allowing parents to communicate with their adolescent children. However, many parents are worried about the dangers that their children may face by providing them with these devices. Some of the dangers that they may face include cyber bullying and sexting. Adolescents do not normally ask for additional mobile phone privileges since they are more inclined to communicate with other people late at night.

They may also forget to complete their school assignments that result to embarrassment and fear of losing their mobile phone privileges. Due to this, they will not reveal the reason for neglecting their studies since they are afraid that they will lose their mobile phone privileges.

  1. Let them know about the consequences of sexting and other threats on the internet that emerge because of improper use of the mobile phone.
  2. Know how they socialize and monitor the people they contact through voice calls or text. Take note of the time they contact these people. Keep an eye on their calls. They will not know that if someone is monitoring them.
  3. Tell them not to let strangers know about their personal information.
  4. If your adolescent children have misused their mobile phone privileges, install a mobile tracking application into their mobile phones. This will provide round-the-clock protection to your children anywhere they go.

Keep them safe from cyber bullying and other internet threats. Protect the family. mSpy is a modifiable spy application for tablets and smartphones. It offers the attest mobile phone spy monitoring and tracking features on devices. mSpy offers different features for home and business use. The home version of the application provides parents with an option to listen to calls, log and monitor text messages, view images internet browsing history, and GPS tracking. It also has a new feature that provides users the capability of tracking Whatsapp and Skype activity.

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