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Living Solo? 5 Apartment-Hunting Tips

apartment huntingYou arrive home dead exhausted from work.

You’ve been meaning to sleep but your next-door neighbor wouldn’t let you. The couple is again arguing and you know you can do nothing but endure the noise. Then you hear someone dragging their feet up the stairs. You know earplugs can only do as much for you.

Now, more than ever, you are decided to move. You can no longer stomach staying up late.

How do you ensure now that you are moving to a peaceful environment, or that one with neighbors that are at least more considerate?

Observe location.

Where is the house located? Is it positioned in a commercial area? Is it nearby a train or bus station or perhaps an airport? Is it close to a school, university, church or park? Is it located along highways? You need to know this so you can set your expectation about the average noise level within the area.

Visit different seasons, times.

How is the place throughout the year? Is the heating or air conditioning system functioning properly? Check the area as well on various times of the day. Landlords usually suggest prospective tenants to inspect the unit in the afternoon but it pays that you follow your schedule. Around what time do you expect yourself to be home and are needing a rest? Go during those times so you can have a feel how the place is like when you need it most quiet.

Inspect the unit.

Check the materials used to build the unit. Is it made of wood? Is the window well-sealed? How about the doors? Do you still hear noise from outside as though you are in an open space? Gaps around windows and doors welcome noise into your space. If you are to write my essay for instance, and you need a quiet workspace, think twice before signing up for the unit. You might have hard time focusing in an overly busy surrounding. Interview your prospective neighbors as well about the noise level.

Save early.

Start saving funds ahead of time. Determine how much you can spend for your rent. Remember you will have to pay for the security deposit or the one month advanced deposit. Go over your credit history as landlords or unit owners might look into this before accepting you as their new tenant. Note that if your credit history is not that appealing then you might need the hand of a friend as your co-signer.

Don’t be discouraged.

Accept it and move on in case the unit you want falls to somebody’s hands because they paid earlier. It is not you alone who have experienced this scenario. It is not like the world’s ending. Smile!

Do not be sad as well about you having spent so much time looking for an apartment but still fail to find that one that matches your needs. You too will find yours. You just have to extend your patience and set you mind that it really takes time looking for a new apartment.

Author Bio:

Nettie Gray endured separation anxiety the first time she experienced moving as a teenager. It was hard leaving her closest friends back in the neighborhood where she grew up. Thanks to social media, staying connected and coping have become a lot easier.

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