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Things Which Have the Proper Recycle Value

RecycleWe have reached a stage where recycling and reuse of items have become important; reason – recycling of items is beneficial for the environment. However, many of us think that only certain items can be recycled which is nothing but a myth. Here is a list of 3 such common items which has a high recycle value. Take a look –

1. Blankets and bedsheets

Often we all have the habit of simply disposing off the old bed linens and blankets. However, seldom do we realize the high recycle value of old bed sheets and pillowcases. Here is what the stats have to say –

According to one of the data of EPA, in 2010 close to 17% pillow covers and bed sheets were reprocessed and reused. This figure simply encourages all of us to reuse and recycle our bed linens and pillow cases instead of throwing them away.

Charitable organizations are one of the best places where you can donate your blankets for reuse. For the recycling of bed sheets, you can give them at any store that accepts old/used bed sheets. These stores resell the bed sheets and blankets. Bed sheets and blankets which are in really bad condition are given to the textile recovery factory.

Here they are reprocessed into products like – paper, car insulation, cleaning rags and upholstery.

While donating the bed linens and pillowcases, you need to ensure that they are not much dirty. Remember that too dirty bed sheets or blankets cannot be reused.

2. Mattress

Do you know that every year in U.S. around 40 million mattresses are dumped? The total accumulation of all these mattresses results up to 40 feet. These figures reflect how mattresses constitute a major part of the landfill and dump yards.

On an average, mattresses can last for 9-10 years. However, in most cases, people use the mattresses for a much longer duration. Instead of simple throwing away the mattress, you can always think of innovative ways to replace/reuse the mattress. There are many companies which take away old mattresses for recycling. If your mattress is in a good condition, you can give it to these places.

In case the mattress is in a poor condition not fit for reuse, you can give it to local recycling centres. However before doing that, do check with the company which has manufactured the mattress. Remember that many companies take back their old products for recycling. You too can give away the mattress in its parent manufacturing company.

Note: initially mattress recycling programs was quite few. However, today, many programs have cropped up; reason – different parts of the mattress can be reused.

3. Alarm clocks

We all have alarm clocks in our bedroom. However, its value declines when we start using the cell phone for setting the alarm. Moreover, if the alarm clock stops to work, it becomes an electronic waste item for most of us. Very few of us actually think of repairing it.

Instead of simply throwing away the alarm clock, we can send it to any local recycling centre. However, every recycling centre does not accept old electronic items. Thus little research before zeroing down upon any recycling centre is required.

Alarm clocks in general are quite easy to recycle. If the condition of the alarm clock is good, it is repaired. Or else, it often broke down. In the latter case, the metal like brass, wire or steel is recycled separately. Thus, processes like steel and wire recycling is associated with alarm clock recycling.

Authors Bio: Kenneth Parkar is a professional writer who likes to research on upcoming business ideas and management principles. He is an ardent reader of management and marketing books and likes to share the knowledge among his readers to assist them in their business ventures.

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